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I'm sitting in front of the television screen watching a tape of nostalgic Mtv talk shows and the like. It's only four years old, but it seems so ancient, so distant and foreign. I remember when I was actually watching this shit. It seems as if I have completely turned into a different person. I have, really. I couldnt bare to live the way I did then. The tape is still playing and it's on a show about the awful remake they did of Psycho. It features interviews with the two main characters. These people are talking about the shower scene, how it was the best part of the original. They're fucking ridiculous. They probably never even saw the goddamn movie. The shower scene is so overrated. There are so many scenes in Psycho that are a million times better than that one. No one ever talks about the ending. The ending is the mother of all Horror movies. Now they're talking about how the remake was made to 'honor' Hitchcock. Honor my ass. Might as well dig 'em up and shit in his mouth. It was made to cash in on the work of a genius. I don't see how MTV can actually call themselves music television any more. They should call it middle aged television or Migrane TV, as that's what I get from watching the shit. Fuck hollywood remakes. Television is bad for you.

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