Chewy, Portia, and Me?

Fungus Amongus

I pick up my guitar very once in a while because I hate playing it. It is a hideous Jackson and I despise it. I basically suck, without use of a better term, because I've been lazy. I've been lazier than usual because of my severe back pain, hence I use that as an excuse every time to justify my indolence. All I did was breathe in this incredible smog and sit around writing zines or doodling some lame comics. I'd occasionally leave messages to Spit and a Half or Wow Cool to publish some of my works. I never did hear what I wanted to hear from them, but one of them did send me a Ben & Jerry's ice cream frozen yogurt coupon. I don't like frozen yogurts, but I shouldn't argue while I'm very much in debt. The next day I received a few comic and zine catalogs which was ridiculous. I threw it and went out to buy a zine at the local 'comix crux.' I didn't think I could afford to lose another dollar just on shipping and handling. That was just plain shit. "Blood on the Ice" itself was only 50 cents and it's all good stuff about hockey. Walking out of the store I smiled as if I had just accomplished something great. I gave myself a pat in the back and walked to this guy's house all excited. He wasn't there so I just waited in his back porch for a few minutes flipping through the zine I had just bought. I grinned madly at him when I noticed he was home for the last ten minutes I had been waiting for him. I think he was laughing at me because of my dull senses---well, right back at him. He let me in and we talked until he kicked my head by surprise. He's very unpredictable and he has a bad temper now. I think he was mad that I bought a cheap 'hookery' dress from Bang Bang for some girl he pretends to care about. Maybe he felt obliged to do what I did or maybe he felt I was degrading her. I told him that if she ever came back to him, she was really a 'dumb whore' cause all he intended to give her in their relationship was sex. If she was satisfied with that, I felt sorry for her because she saw something so great in his stubby genitals. All he wanted to do was get between her legs, not that that wasn't my objective when I saw her as well. His desires are no different from any other guy, but the way he plays hard is so ugly. At rare occasions, he is so willing to do it with her, while most of the time he completely ignores her. The girl's obedience for the guy is unconditional and it is so undeserved. Most of the time, he isn't ready to do it with her, whereas I'd just give in. He loves her begging for him as the object of her lust. During this time, he expects her to cook for him. He always craves 'three franks' at the least. He will never give it to her unless something has really gotten hold of him or if he is just remarkably aroused. During the time he is, he will be in bed with her all day until he feels the need the be a jerk again or if he sees her as an old rag although his nickname is 'Old.' I've noticed this pattern going on in cycles every few months here and then. They'll get into very bad fights once in a while. She'll really nail him down because she's a ferocious girl and he won't be able to do anything. He will be very speechless and go to his best friend who sees emos when he's knocked out. I once got in a fight with the friend right outside the Stop & Shop. His friend is pretty weak so he pulled his genuine leather belt off and whipped me. I covered my head and dropped my eggs losing the chance to egg him. The player will seek comfort from his best friend or defender and will always be proven innocent. She will feel the need to be outrageous and start coming on to me, while still thinking I'm ugly by far.

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