“Connect the Dots”

Inspired from "The Race Debates" and other conversations.

One time you said, “Speak ‘American’”---that of course is American, not-in-quotes for you
Oh yes, it was a discussion on language, I do recall
But it does have branches, ya know, like it doesn’t have to be just about language
Flex your muscles, kind of thing, you got it…
You said “Speak American if you want to talk to me”
“‘Tis such an honor to talk to you
To condescend to such a petty immigrant”
Man, but would you really?
…Especially with that attitude?
“‘Ye don’t want to taint thyself,’ remember?!”
…So it’s almost like a fantasy when we talk about these things, you know
You bring up ‘unreal’ situations
Once it was about an immigrant crashing into my car because he couldn’t read road signs
“Universal signs aren’t universal anymore when it comes to ‘those barbaric immigrants’” (it’s a joke, smooth it over, haw haw)
Oh that, that, I know about, that
But there’s a catch
Even this has its own ‘branches’
(Wow, flex again)
“You see, it’s not all immigrants, only the visible ones”---care to learn about this curiosity, this phenomenon?
So remote from civilization, my kind of civilization, shall I say or shall you say for that matter?
Oh yes, when I say visible ones,
I only mean the ones who disgust you and take away what’s rightfully yours
…Like that affirmative action kind of crud where you guys go to school for free ‘n’ learn ze trade
I know, people like us, we take away precious time…
But the important stuff is here to stay
(Take a breather)
Let’s say for example, in the classroom
My golly, such a chore---but trust me, it won’t hurt
…But don’t be so uncomfortable with the way we are or worry if you’re-a feelin’ outnumbered
You’ll get many more chances to mingle with your kind, “you haven’t missed out one bit”
“‘Tis my duty as a cultured citizen
to learn about the oppressed people to further my knowledge”
And we learn about how bad other countries are, non-European I mean; other I mean, etc, and how the U$ will save these savage peeps with its Stars ‘n’ Stripes of disgrace…
And we learn about how bad the commies are, and oh, “I’m still liberal you know, but I just happen to have conservative views…”
I hear ya, from day to day to day…
“But it’s the view, not the word that counts”
Oh, oh, but these lessons do make us feel better---
At least we’re talking about them and jeez, what a chore!
(Gimme credit ‘n’ wipe off that snot)
Well, I wouldn’t say it makes me feel better, but to ease the tension, with sugar on top, that sort of thing
Cause it makes you nervous
But I do stray from the all-important, ‘one-sided’ Topic
Yes I do stray, according to you
…If you only knew how to ‘connect the dots,’ maybe you would see the hierarchy, the pyramid, or what’d they call it again?
“Politics is interchangeable with language,” may I preach?
Just as feminism can’t do without racism---are you with me here? (-isms to –isms/dot to dot/branching out)
So we’re just at that point, that mark again
Where you’re supposed to say “Stop being so PC---It’s a joke---You’re taking it way too seriously---I don’t see you doing anything, but complaining---You’re not making a change”
---Ah, the standards, the standards, and the double standards; you set ‘em accordingly as they fit you
To say it’s a joke makes everything okay, Mr. Silver Platter, easy4you
So we were at that part about…hmm…lets just say…oh yes…an Immigrant, got in an Accident, and no one can help him, cause he don’t speak no English. (Ha! Give up? Get it?)
But I say “Come on, these are universal signs. We’re talking about pain and deliberate refusal to help”
And you say “Stop being so self-righteous. Get off your high horse”
“…But he still refuses to hear him scream, to hear his pain, so who is going to help and I’m not talking about no great protector, no burden upon yer highness, etc, but who else is gonna do it if it isn’t gonna be you?”
And mind you, this isn’t just about language…
Or just immigrants for that matter, if you got me
It’s about that nice round word we call ‘humanity’
Came at a high price for me, oh yes sire, it did!
Hope you too, can one day exercise it as a cultural curiosity
Now lemme put some sugar on top, and do the whole ‘it’s a joke,’ thing



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