Don't Confide In Anyone

A warning written from experience

Being away from home is discouraging; especially during a certain time of the year. Being locked up sucks even more when there are more productive things to get accomplished in life. Knowing, astonishingly, that we still do have lives ahead of us makes it harder for us to deal with this extreme conjuncture.

The point I'd like to get across is that wherever you might end up, you should, without a doubt, try to accept it. If you can, at least attempt to make the best out of your fucked up situation even though you know you could be doing something better and more worthwhile somewhere else. Try to alleviate some of that menacing fury because as we know, it probably isn't the end of the world.

Make certain you don't end up doing anything harmful because that equals concession. If you feel out of control, don't try to get back by doing something that will be worthless to you in a matter of seconds, although I must admit that those seconds do feel good. At no time create an unfavorable scene amongst strangers because it will always be used against you and I stress my use of always. Protect your identity so people will not have a preconception about you. Consequently, no one will have reasons to keep you delayed, as delayed as you probably are already.

When you are frenzied, in a rut, impulsive, or feeling like being a jerk, do it only once in a while, but make sure you regain your composure afterwards. We all know its fun to act up on occasions, but being vulnerable to the conditions will only give others the chance to take advantage of your weaknesses. If you can't help yourself from doing something destructive or have already allowed yourself to be brought down by someone else, you always have the option to just pause and think for a while to calm yourself down. Hence on those accounts, strive if you can---before you act, to question yourself, "am I doing what I want or am I doing what everyone else wants me to do?"


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