People walking over my head scare me. They walk all over, be it my workplace or television space. People walk where they want to walk. They look directly as if they have the right. They walk behind and precisely at that moment, I'm instantly under some scum's nose. Then there are people you can feel right on your skin and people who are located in my ears and trapped in my heart. When I turn around, they turn around. It's like an extended bus ride and you observe far behind. You extend your neck, turn around and reach and then there's your neck again. It's equivalent to those people who turn when I turn. There's no alternative because they're in my ears and in my stomach. They entwine, spin, and eventually erupt and footsteps startle everything again---footsteps that I feel in my throat and I can't do anything but stretch my neck. Then it's still there.

A crowd can conform, but they're in my brain and not my eyes. Voices explode too, like I'm running. Voices bellow and blend in my eyes, but I can't see the crowd that's making the noise. Now what about the echoes I constantly hear---echoes that nobody can hear, but me, echoes that beat every time I breathe, swallow, cough, turn, and scream---what about these echoes that are gushing firmly in my mind; echoes that are yet untraceable in my body---what about?

It feels like a person on the side of your face and skin and like something ripping and stretching. It feels absolutely hollow; drained. It's the people who are cemented on the side of my face, but why can't I feel it? There's an emphasis of one border and you can't distinguish which one is dead. It feels almost like running to the wind and knowing that it is all dead. Then, it feels like you can't neglect that side and it must be exposed.


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