prehistoric as whole: I was outside at my friend's house yesterday at about 2 a.m. and this hairy, ugly, old cat jumped on my shoulder. I threw it because I didn't know what the hell it was. The cat landed on a puddle of tick's urine and went away into some wooded area. Weird because I experienced the same thing in my dream. Great because I think the cat died. It smelled like death the day after. You know, that rich, oily, melony smell. tick is braiding my hair. IT HURTS! STOP IT YOU JERK! FUCKIN' WANNABE! tick is listening to a hockey game on the radio, what a fuckin' loser. He thinks he can get a skating instruction job at an ice skating rink. I don't think so because I don't think he can skate. I think I have a cold, I feel like crap, I didn't get any sleep. I only slept for 2 hours because I set a fire at T.G. Clown's backyard when he was throwing a birthday party for his mother. I had to apologize to T.G., his mother, and the whole Clown family, including his horny, drunk-ass uncle, Albert. Shout out to Cute Band Albert. STUPOR=LUV YA HONEY. *Social Reform Is Vital To Our World* "I got straight edge"

T.G. Clown: I almost crashed into a tree when I was riding my red broken bike. I need a new bike, but I don't have any money! I have many bad luck. I think I am going to lose my job at the Local Art Center because I stole some red paint to paint my bike. Why did I do that? I think I'll work at a community college serving lunch. I don't think I'll get that job because it's for people who go to college--I think. Anyway, life is pretty boring and I need something to cheer me up. I am hungry so I am going to go to Pizza Center. Pepperoni, white onions, green bell pepper, and extra cheese sounds gross. Anchovies, gray hair, squirrel's tail, mosquito's wings and crispy roach's legs sounds delicious. Bon Appétit!

Brittany: No relativity here but if you found out I would want you to think it is relativity...
want to move away
the rules
No really think
No really want
want to tell everyone
everyone and tell and be and um mean want to
well we need to take it
talking about it or expressing it grow deeper and deeper and falling and falling any clues.
grows deeper it would have never and never thought but occasionally and given a fair and objective opinion and thought.
From now on it won't. Because it is and it is and it is and well don't ... just want to do it in other ways asking for many things.

tick: Hello. I'm actually supposed to type everything in lower case, but for this zine, I kinda changed my mind or forgot to. (You can settle for either one) Jeez, what happened? Oh yeah, did Prehistoric As Whole mention that party he crashed? Things went so downhill from then on. Man, was he stupid or what? Why would you do something like that? He set a fire on T.G. Clown's backyard! I got so scared I pulled everyone away from there with all my strength. It was a boring party and all, I admit, but that doesn't give anyone the right to do something like that, ya know? Well, I just sat back trying to kill time, attempting to look cool and all while my girlfriend was visible. She's a good friend of T.G. Clown, much more than I will ever be, I think. Actually I'm kinda wondering why anyone would want to be friends with T.G. He's so strange or he's always stoned. As usual, I checked my girlfriend out for about the last two hours before advancing to the other folks in the room. Nothing much on the other side though. I stole Andy's weed and Jack Daniels. Poor Andy was asleep. Hmm, what else? I got a hold of some jock's Ibanez acoustic guitar at one of his games and peed right in the hole and all over the fingerboard. Well, I'll give you a hint. His name starts with J and his last name starts with A. You know what I got for doing that? Twenty incense sticks called 'sex on beach' from my buddy. Believe me, I'll go real far for something like that even though he would have given it to me anyway. It was worth it and fun. Thanks ML! He's such a good sport!

STUPOR: Depressed, angry, confused, and in a no win situation are the states I usually find myself in. Maybe that goes for you too. If it does, I commend you to read on. "Why does life suck as much as it does?" is something I like to ask myself when I'm alone. Maybe that was just the way I was intended to be: unhappy, miserable, mentally deficient, psychotic, scrawny, smelly, immature, repulsive, short, fat, you name it and I might be just that. On the other hand, there really is nothing wrong with being any of the above; they're just "variations." Thank you and "parlez vous fuck you," Jesse Luscious

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