FLIPOUT! The radio play and 'official' comments

Songs chosen by the Flipout! staff, readers, supporters, complete strangers in the streets, and promoters around the globe to bring you the most official insight by three writers of this zine! Yes, Flipout! is proud to present:

(The Transcript) starring devoted writers:

(S)TUPOR, who always writes tons of crummy article after crummy article about being a neurotic and then spends hours putting it all together in the final layout; (P)ORTIA, who has nothing better to do, but hang out with her "deranged and squandered" friends after shelling out her last quarters on printing; and (B)RITTANY, who always comes to meetings the last minute with tons of stolen articles in hand, most of them by her favorite lad from Chicago. Let's begin.

1-Fifteen- "Devotion"
S-The song is so far out. The solo is.
P-It's tacky, it's so nelly.
B-Sounds Vulgar.
S-Especially when Ott pitches in.
P-The music turns you off.
B-Such a long song.
P-The person who wrote this song is either a very funny guy or gay. I think a lot of gay people would like this.

2-Foo Fighters- "Windup"
B-The band has the 80's flavor and finesse.
P-I kind of like it. It's very Seattle. The music's very on. The music is good.
S-He's not projecting. He's a bad screamer. He always makes an ass out of himself when he screams. It has direction, but weak.
P-Dave Grohl should be in the back. His singing ruins it in the end.

3-Operation Ivy- "Sound System"
S-He's got so much attitude and doesn't sound throaty.
B-How fast he sings. It's amazing.
P-I wish they have more guitar, but it's a ska song.
S-Tim's lack of enthusiasm brings the song down.

4-Pearl Jam- "Faithful"
B-Sounds Broadway.
P-It's a sexy song. I like the bass and the drums. Excellent bass.
B-Beautiful beginning, has power and force, they don't have finesse.
S-Sounds awkward. I like that they are stressing.
P-Mike McCready sounds great, love the power chords, so stylish.
B-As they progress, they are starting to have, they are developing the music more.
P-The ending has a creative swing, but I think the hook doesn't work well because you can't hear it.

5-Dead Kennedys- "Terminal Preppie"
B-Sounds like the English patient gone mad.
S-I don't like the Dead Kennedys. They get too much recognition. The singer's having a panic attack. He sounds way too obnoxious, there's a limit man. I don't get the Dead Kennedys hype, there are better punk bands.

6-Live- "Graze"
S-Bitter foul mood.
P-Mad. Sounds like he's gonna kill someone. Seems like he has an important message.
S-Quite emotional do or die message. He sings sharp.
P-I think he gives a fresh feeling.

7-Bad Radio- "Homeless"
B-The beginning sounds like that Andrea Bocelli song that he sang with Sarah Brightman.
S-The beginning is just hilarious.
P-He is a good singer, a great potential.
S-Overly emotional singing about homeless people. Sounds like spinning and crying at the same time.
P-He's just much better than the guy from Days of the New and Creed.
S-I don't think this song shows his potential.

8-The Smashing Pumpkins- "Appels and Oranjes"
S-I don't like the drum machine.
B-So little creativity in this song. It's not very modern either. What a circumlocution. It's so 1985. Sonic redundant.
P-This song is going to sound far out in the future. It's moving and direct.
S-The song sounds the same all throughout.
P-It would sound good as a rock power chord song. They shouldn't do something like this. I'm disappointed.

9-Minor Threat - "Guilty of Being White"
S-Sounds like an out of breath emo which adds to the effect. Better than Dead Kennedys. I won't be able to make too many comments before this song ends.

10-James Iha - "Country Girl"
S-He has a high voice. He sounds hateful. He sings hateful.
B-So cheesy and corny.
S-It's shy.
P-I don't think it's bad. One of the better songs.

11-Screeching Weasel- "Peter Brady"
S-So 80s. It's definitely not the angry Boogada Weasel.
P-I like the bridge in this song. I like the keyboards.
B-Sounds sarcastic.
S-He's a sarcastic jerk.
P-I think we can all learn something from this song.

12-Stone Temple Pilots- "Pop's Love Suicide"
B-I hate the way he sings because he sounds like he has his lights punched out.
S-He sounds like he's holding back even though there isn't much to offer.
P-I think the drummer should have more drums.
S-It's frontman material. He knows what he is doing unlike Dave Grohl who monkeys around. They know what they're doing. They have attitude.
B-They have finesse. Not too sharp or too fuzzy.

13-Pinhead Gunpowder- "Benicia by the Bay"
S-He sounds like a beast. He has a Duff McKagan attitude.
P-I love this song.
S-I like this. It's like the East Bay man. Raw.
P-Sounds drunk and fun. Edge of my feet.
B-Sounds like a big fat brother.
S-So much bad ass attitude.

14-The Offspring- "Cool to Hate"
S-I think it was lame to do a song like this. Offspring is lame. He's trying to sound punk. Not melodious punk. It's bad ass punk. He screams.
B-Sounds like Minor Threat.
P-He has a fresh voice, but not here.
S-It's painful because it's done routinely. Other than that, it sounds good.
P-He could sound more sexy. He has a strong, passionate voice.

15-Beck- "Lord Only Knows"
S-Average Beck song is not as good as this.
P-He sounds like Bono. Bono from the country. I see farms. You see a farm.
B-Lazy and Slick. A smart combination. Pretty modern.
P-Lazy and dumb.
S-He should have been an actor. Everything is a joke. This is a good Beck song. Better than the average Beck song.

16-Crimpshrine- "RDC"
S-Oh no, Crimpshrine.
B-I love the scream.
S-I like the bass. The guy doesn't sing clear.
P-Sounds like they recorded live.
B-They sound like they need more practice.
S-The band's nothing without the bass.
P-It suddenly became a different song.

17-Nirvana- "Very Ape"
S-It has the groove.
P-He's good. The rhythm is good. Foo Fighters would never be able to pull this.
B-So stylish and hip. Beautiful and sounds legendary.
S-That was a fast one.

18-Common Rider- "Classics of Love"
S-Jesse Michaels raps better than Eminem.
B-His voice is sexy. Damn he's good.
S-I still pick Operation Ivy over this. It seems like he's cooled down, he doesn't scream at all.
P-It's budget, but still good.
S-I'm glad Jesse's finally back after ten years.

19-Pearl Jam- "Once"
B-This is a hot song. So macho and sweaty.
P-He screams well. The mute on the guitar works well.
B-He sings marvelously.
P-He has a young, bloody, raw, voice that is very fleshy.
B-Very exciting ride.
P-I wish I can hear the bass more. I was looking forward to hearing the bass more.
S-It's a test of manhood.

20-The Lookouts- "Agape"
B-Sounds like the Dead Kennedys and sounds like a child molester.
P-Fun music. Very humorous.
S-Lawrence Livermore isn't a bad singer in a funny way and it's not confirmed that he's a child molester.

21-Green Day- "Road to Acceptance"
S-That's just so classic Mike Dirnt. The song and the CD makes me happy.
B-How cute and sweet. I want to pet him.
P-I like Mike Dirnt.
S-It's just so pretty and melodious. They just don't have this anymore. So raw. It just takes you back to the nicer days. A long Green Day song.

22-Nirvana- "Beeswax"
P-Nice guitar sounds, love the harmonics.
B-Creativity and innovation.
S-Still gets the melody. He can do like anything. It's effective.
B-Great singer.

23-Pinhead Gunpowder- "High Maintenance"
B-Sounds just like Green Day.
S-No, it actually doesn't. It has a punk strumming, but that's it. I think most of the songs in this CD is incomplete. Where is the chorus?
B-The song is just not good.
P-It's doesn't excite me.

Okay now get off the air! I hope you enjoyed this radio segment kiddies!

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