Bad songs take our minds nowhere. It's something we listen to only to end up in the same, static position, which is sitting on our living room couch. What propelled me to write this just now was the song that's playing on my stereo. It's quite thrilling and soon it'll be over. The song is a little less than two minutes, but enough to completely capture me. I've already been to a million distinct places and have felt the enthusiasm of a million different people. What the radio is lacking are songs like this. I'm not saying to limit yourself to fleeting punk songs, but I am saying that it's vital to have songs that we can delve into. If the song doesn't move you or make you feel larger than life, it's not worthy of its extended play. It's unfortunate that rock stations are becoming nothing more than crotch grabbing white rappers with guitars and bad attitudes. If the radio or media doesn't shift it's habits, worthy music is going to become even harder to discover.

When was the last time you heard good new music on the radio, good enough that you actually went out and purchased the record? Also, when was the last time you heard something new on the radio and truly listened to the music, the lyrics, and the eagerness? It's peculiar that I always turn on the radio even though I'm certain nothing will be on. Sometimes it feels like a reflex or something I must do. Although I'm confident that the radio has nothing to offer me now, I have a desire to turn it on to get updated and to quench some type of curiosity I hold within myself. This turns over to greed.

Today I read a zine and it bothered me a great deal. I was incensed that so many zine writers consumed so much paper to print utter trash. If they had an urge to print zines, the writers could have at least reduced the number of pages by decreasing the fonts or using more sensible layout skills to compress its size. It seems like many zine writers are now printing and duplicating what many would call trash just to claim that they have a zine. That demonstrates why so many zines today are completely indistinguishable. An odd thing is that people have so much greed for paper. It's remarkable that people waste so much paper for the simple joy of taking something new home with them every day. The problem is that sooner or later, the paper goes into the trash can without being read discreetly enough, if it was worthy of read in the first place. Another thing about zines is that I wouldn't boast about acting like an idiot at some party or about smoking marijuana unless there was something to offer. If there wasn't anything to offer, the zine writer should not have possessed the unnecessary greed to print another hundred pages of it for a bunch of indifferent readers. Hence, if the writer only wrote for his own satisfaction of having something written down, he should not have been senseless enough to duplicate trash. I would not write a zine for purposes such as bragging. Bragging would not work in a zine because bored suburban kids don't care about the pretentious zine writer's day at the punkest show. Bored kids are so bored they will steal compulsively to produce their own fun. If writers don't start writing something that's exciting, substantial, beneficial, or at least something worth pondering, foolish behavior will extend. This brings me to Exhibit A, which is myself. If you don't get that, start from the beginning. It'll make a lot more sense the second time around. Until then, feed your community by influencing an individual!

The End


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