Goths, you do not alarm me at all

Brian Warner, what a retard!

Gothic freaks are tiresome and lame. They should get a life. I don't think that they're outrageous just because they wear all black and smudge some cheap dingy makeup on their faces. I think Goths are just a bunch of insecure dorks and this is not another conventionalized idea of them; they're indeed all the same. They are delicate people who must hide behind their garbs so as not to reveal their embarrassing characteristics. Then, they pretend to be composed and relaxed, or they just put on the act of the 'miserable youth' without a reason.

Goths, you do not alarm me at all. No matter how much you try to seize attention, it will not work. Do you know how comical you look in that outdated Vampire Halloween costume? Goddamn it, you guys are all alike! Your handcrafted clothes and accessories don't astonish me. You're not clever either just because you quoted me some obvious sellout Marilyn Manson song after memorizing it cause you had nothing better to do, but waste your time on that dickhead moron for the billionth time today! Try to come up with something creative because I undoubtedly will not be misled by your customary act and your gloomy old puppy face.


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