Hit Them Baby One More Time

By T.G. Clown

Music has now reached the ultimate low because of mimic bands like Creed, Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, and Days Of The New. Days Of The New? Days Of The New... What the hell, why can't they live up to their name? Why do they have to copy bands like Alice in Chains? The fuckin' assholes, retard, no idea, no talent, nothing, shit, crap that ruin your fine ears. Those mother fuckers. They can't even create anything new. And they call themselves Days Of The New, ha! These bands surely give us reasons why we shouldn't listen to the fuckin' radio. They suck!

Then there are the "pop stars." Brittany Spears. Oh my God, I couldn't believe it when I saw that video for some song that goes, "...hit me baby one more time..." She is wearing pink fur balls on her fuckin' hair like some kind of Debbie Gibson, line dances with her classmates, does couple of back flips wearing a hot pink bra, then gets very sad and lonely in a school gym, then looks at some guy with her busted puppy eyes (I heard that that guy is her cousin), then all these kids come from nowhere and line dances with Brittany. Yeah, whatever man.

I heard that Brittany got fuckin' breast implants and she is only 17-years-old. What kind of a fuckin' material is she. Well, I guess she knows that she has absolutely no talent, but she wants to get the media's attention, so she goes off getting her breasts done, as if she's going to make it that way. Little fuckin' bitchin' whore. Why don't she get a dick implant! That fuckin' dick can even fuckin' sing. She is a loser who is going to end up like little Debbie and Tiffany.

Oh yeah, then there are the boy groups that try to sing in perfect harmony and dance at the same time. The Gay Street's Back! I thought the New Kids On The Block broke up man! N'SYNC, 98 Degrees, Five, Back Street Boys, and there are others...there are so many. I hate their line dancing, singing, and trying to look all nice and good.

How come in all of their songs they are always the good ones and the girls always break their fuckin' fragile hearts. "Quit playing games with my heart..." "Tearing up my heart..." "You said you'll never ever try to break my heart..." WHATEVER MAN! What kind of sissy, desperate, losers are they. What a bunch of herbs. They should be embarrassed. Don't they have any pride in themselves...I guess not. They are going to regret it man. What kind of pleasure are they getting when bunch of third graders yell their little heads off for them. How sick is that. These poor little girls buy their snappy products like pencils, shirts, pins, whatever you need they'll have it. I remember those ugly NKOTB bed sheets. Talk about a nightmare.

But the nightmare is back, Joe McIntyre from NKOTB has a new album out. He goes by the name Joey now. I also heard that Jordan Knight has an album out too and has a video out. I heard that Jordan does a dance in his video. He kind of looks like George Michaels in the '80s. Donnie, an Irish guy from Boston sang some cheesy reggae song with a Jamaican accent. Now listen to that! How ridiculous is that!

Get lost losers! Stop line dancing and stop saying "girl" in ever freakin' chorus. GOD!

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