I dedicate this to John Frusciante look alike, T.G. Clown.


Figure 1 & 2-Look at this picture; a combination of a sleazy, goofy hustler. Sometimes he's seen with suspenders and plaid pants. This is a similar style. What can I say, he is just a beautiful guy; thin and muscular, a sexy combo. He looks like a fine yellow horse.

Figure 1 Figure 2

Figure 3 & 4-This is why John is punk rock. He's been spotted with many punk rock band shirts such as the Velvet Underground and Black Flag. He also sports mohawks because well, he just looks good in them.

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5 & 6-This is the Nazi, albino, Powder style topped with a whole lot of attitude. The leather jacket and shades give him a rebellious look. He's also been spotted with combat boots while sporting this bad boy attire.

Figure 5 Figure 6

Figure 7 & 8-This is the ultimate punk; look at those shoes. Damn fine, aren't they? If you doubt any claims to John being a punk rocker, just listen to Punk Rock Classic. If you still want to argue, John's probably been punk as long as he can remember.

Figure 7Figure 8

Figure (5), (6), 9, & 10-"He's a femme in a black leather jacket and I wanna take him home with me," Pansy Division. What more can I say?

Figure 9 Figure 10

Figure (2), 11, 12, & 13-This is going back to the theme of goofy hustler and punk whore. These pictures look like scenes from a gay porno film.

Figure 11Figure 12Fig. 13

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