I dedicate this to John Frusciante look alike, T.G. Clown.

King for a day! JOHN FRUSCIANTE

Figure 1 & 2-John wearing a lot of makeup, quenching his guilty pleasures. With smokey eyes and bubblelicious lips, he sometimes wears a satin wardrobe to feel soft and feminine. Pucker up, it's the law.

Figure 1Figure 2

Figure 3-John has perfected the sleazy lifestyle of a glam rocker. Black nailpolish and an attitude that is sexy and deadly.

Figure 3

Figure 4 & 5-John is Beauty from "Smoke, Jade, and Lilies." He's got the cigarette smoking, artist look. He is an emobodiment of Queer Theory. So bohemian.

Figure 4Figure 5

Figure 6-John looks like a tired transvestite prostitute saying I'm finished for the day. He wears nut-hugging pin stripe pants and a delicately crocheted vintage sweater. The gently tied scarf adds a nice touch.

Figure 6

Figure 7-John is a "sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania. How 'bout that!"

Figure 7

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