Lie and go ahead?

by prehistoric as whole

People should always tell the truth to get ahead in life. If some people think lying is the way to go then, man, they are totally wrong. First of all, some liars don't even realize that we know that they're lying. As a result, the liars only make an ass out of themselves. Moreover, you're only lying to yourself and creating false illusions. These improper lying behaviors only contribute to a non-trustworthy relationship with their surroundings.

Furthermore, lying is a cynical distortion of the truth. For example, this girl that I work with acts way too friendly and sympathetic that it's clear that she's being fake and lying without words. Now I have a distorted view of her because of her cynical and lying attitude. What is causing her to act this way? Well, from what I know she thinks her friendly-lying manner would make her more (I really don't want to use this word) popular. Moreover, I feel bad for the suckers who get trapped in her pitfall because they are not seeing the reality.

These liars only contribute to false realities and their lies bring the whole society down. As a result, their lies only build a barrier from making the society prosper in a truthful manner.

Sadly, the liars also have to pay their consequences because if the whole society can't get ahead, then the liars can't get ahead. The distorted society cannot possibly produce an individual that can go ahead and achieve in his or her life. So Cut The Crap! You Know Who You Are!

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