My Brain

Don't we all want to be larger than life since life itself is so pathetic when we're dead, forgotten, full of rot, and left alone to waste away six feet underground? Death didn't have to be a part of our species, but I guess some supreme guy up in the clouds or somewhere, chose us to die in this orderly fashion, recreating the nightmare, which is yourself, and wasting away that nightmare all over again. Since we're all going to die pretty much the same way, locked up in a box, is there really a point to go through life in these same predictable stages as well? Primarily, I don’t think we need this extensive education that the authority expects in us. I thought people were trying to make life easier for future generations. I guess I was wrong and some real stupid guy probably said we needed more education than we could handle. For us, the only accepted priority is college, just because some genius who’s up in the vault of heaven said that education was the only solution in order to lead a comfortable and easy life. Well it's not always true and maybe you don't want that kind of life. Maybe you'd rather be some bum out there in the streets who devours and feeds on duct tape soup because he has more piece of mind. Who knows? College isn't exactly the place we want to head after high school. It's just the accepted priority in this land of the free. What ever happened to freedom and why are we forced into this institution that fails to serve our interests when we could be expanding our creativity somewhere else, living the way we want?


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