My Escape

by tick

I did something really crazy a few months ago. Okay, maybe you noticed that I wasn't writing anything, that there were no interview columns with some local band or something. I was struggling because, well I did something really stupid and my parents took away all of my outside connections. Sounds impossible, right? However it's not impossible since there are programs that are dying to take in middle class kids like me in to straighten out.

I don't really want to say everything I did, but I confess that I FASTED FOR GAY RIGHTS!---sorry mom, this doesn't give you an excuse to take me to back Ukraine for summer to Uncle Vladimir's cottage, and dad, this doesn't mean you have to talk to me about religion and churches in Ireland, or hick relatives from Montana who get things a lot worse than I do! This doesn't mean you should hammer in my face all these things I take for granted. I am not a brat either just cause my name rhymes with brat.

Anyway, this fasting lasted for about a month and it was pretty serious. My friend Mario also got into it too so we both went along with it. I mean, I thought it was a good idea and I still do. Besides, I was tired of writing petitions, they just didn't get to people. I thought making signs and marching was a good idea too, but what good is it if you're just another face in the crowd, you know? Okay, I admit that some of that fasting was just for attention, but for good reasons, seriously. I was fighting for a group of oppressed people. What we have is a democracy, right folks?

Well, this fasting didn't take me too far. I was sent to a deserted institution in Maine. I ate cold food every night. It was a military like place. I felt so trapped! My mom called me about three times a day. That was kind of embarrassing. Most of the people I stayed with were kind of old and they laughed about my mom calling me so much. She was so worried! I kept telling her to bring me some clothes, but she brought me loads of luggage as if I'm going to stay there for the rest of my life. Hear this; an egg mattress for my bad back, a whole bunch of GOOD CDs (not those shitty ones you can't bear), a pile of books I was planning to read, another pile of GOOD music magazines, mail order catalogs for MORE new stuff, drum sticks (don't ask me why, maybe for practice, I don't know), loads of clothing, and shoes for nothing. Other people had nothing, I'm serious.

First, when I came, I was welcomed by these strange people who were all foreign and had thick accents. Then they took me to a room with some middle aged men who liked talking about the news for god's sake. They were so boring and they both had beards. For a time, I thought they could be murderers. Pretty stupid, I think now, of course they were kind of scary. There were no girls in this militia, so I was trapped with a bunch of lunatic guys for weeks. Jeez, that was some torture and undeserved too!

I kept wanting to get out, so as soon as I was allowed to go outside, which was like a week after, I had a plan. Alright, this was really serious and I had to do it correctly. The foreign guy who worked there told me I was assigned that day to take a walk with some woman named Jennifer. She was nice cause I mean she was the first woman I had seen in a week. Wow! We took a walk and it was freezing cold and snowy. Jennifer kept telling me about how much help I would be getting and all this other stuff (I was almost suckered into staying). However, I didn't really listen cause I was thinking about ESCAPE! It was actually really easy! What happened was I just suddenly ran as fast as I could and climbed over a fence and ran as fast as I could again. I didn't care about the stuff I was leaving behind, I just couldn't take it there, could you?

I got a ride from a cab and went to a motel. I called some friends, but a couple of them got angry with me so I just hung up. Then I had nothing to do so I called one of the guys from the militia the next day. He told me that it was Jennifer's first time giving a peer walk (and a pretty bad first experience---Jeez, I'm to blame). He told me that Jennifer talked about my escape during discussion hour.

I didn't even think about all the stuff my mom brought me. I figured I could ask her for new goods since it was her who decided to bring in all those unnecessary items. I guess I am a brat. I honestly can't help it.

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