Mainstream Kids

A sure example of a mainstream kid, along with his sellout attitude. I don't care if you're on drugs; big deal, who doesn't do it?

I recommend people to keep their mouths shut if they don't apprehend what they're prattling about incessantly, just to be renown. Furthermore, I desire these people to exhibit some respect towards others, since they're not the only ones in the world who are able to retain that small amount of intellect which they are so proud to broadcast to their "subordinates." Thus, if these people deem that they are, in fact the only insightful people around and decide to go around persistently flaunting their dogma in every conceivable way, they're feasibly the last group of people to hold respectable knowledge towards any subject matter.

These people have an insidious longing to put others down because they feel like shit about themselves. It's positively a shame that they can't find alternate means of amusement; there are more creative methods which do not involve showing off redundantly some old stuff we figured out ages ago, boasting about some instance when they dabbled with the all mighty hazardous foreign substance, or just being plain bothersome.

If these people have an urge to inform us on some of their wild and grateful moments at some forgotten party or so, they should strive on doing it so infrequently to an extent where it's endurable. If there's still a craving for observance, it is then necessary to confine them and to lock them up in a subconscious ward. I am extremely bored with their same old whining, moaning, and shrieking. I hope this all dissolves down before things start growing uglier, although it's hard to conceive of things getting uglier, isn't it?

I wonder what we could do about all these drudging fools; what kind of schemes could we exert to overthrow all of them? One solution is to clash, which is a method of not retracting. Retracting is to negotiate with these mainstream kids that we very much condemn. Once we have them conquered, they'll never be able to counter. There are various other solutions, but that's yours to figure out with the ease of my proposal.


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