Mini Poem Collection

by prehistoric as whole

Where is your face?
Do you see the reflection in the sky?
Or do you dig the bones to cover your sins.
You are forgiven when peace conquers your soul,
but where is your face?
Burning in the stones of agony,
Or looking down with the gods.

Smallest ocean,
It comes crashing in my body,
but leaves me like a gentle wave.
Where is the evidence?
My dry body reminds me,
fantasy and passion visited me.

Poster on the wall-
What do you possess?
The smooth surface?
Reflection of light
that Renoir and Monet drank so deliciously.
Poster on the wall-
Your possessions are taken,
by objects much greater than yours.

Hunger leaves you in such a strange state of mind.
I saw oceans so blue and thoughts of death knocked on my door.
I sat down and ate some crackers,
then visions of orange trees came to visit me.
What strange state I'm in!

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