reasons for doing a zine

I won't care in a million years what you think about this zine. Complain, yell, bicker, and I'll just laugh at you and toss another zine at your face. And keep all the snide comments to yourself, it makes you sound like another bored-ass regular Joe who whines for the sole reason of whining. You know for a while you just want to say, "So what!" 'cause you don't care about what people want anymore. Besides, nobody will ever be content with what you give them even though you spent hours putting the whole shit together. People won't have the slightest consideration for your work and when I call this work, it sure is a hell of a lot of stinkin' work just to get you people grumbling. Hey people will be rude asses even before seeing the friggin' zine. And then I ask myself, "For what? Who the hell am I trying to please?" This is where I'm going wrong because no one will ever be pleased. It will only please me. So there, I'm doing this for myself and that's that. Do your own goddamn zine if you're looking for perfection alright. I just want to say once and for all that this is only for me and if you feel rightfully offended remember that I make absolutely no profit off this thing. Don't be fooled by the dollar sign on the cover either. This entire zine is a fuckin' parody if you didn't get that yet! It is created through the most unorthodox means scraped off any available source found. None of the sources found go without credit to the rightful author either. I don't make any money off this shit, so to all you folks complaining, I have nothing to return to you, not even a dime. I never made any money off this nor do I intend to in the future. Man, this is all just a silly art. Enjoy it or don't, there will always be others. I'll continue to do this zine for the others and for that matter, I'll also continue doing it for your complaints just as well.


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