Rock Star Pose

By Portia (T.G. Clown's friend)

I came to the educational institution and there they were bunch of homely assholes playing guitars with a 15 watt amp cranked up so high that it damaged my fuckin' ears. Those failures were play bunch of chaotic, messy, and disconnected power chords that is suppose to be Green Day's "Basketcase." Their guitars are Squier strat pack guitar cover with high school football team bumper stickers along with some other junk. They're not only simpleton, they're jocks. Senseless assholes!

I turned to my left and saw a hyperactive, moronic, tend following, wannabe drummer that was just randomly beating on the snare drum, instead of coming up with some logical rhythms. I really don't like this guy, he is nothing but a jerk who wants to have this keen image so that everyone can think that he is this 'cool platinum blonde dude' in a garage band.

"I can't take this anymore! They suck!" I said, "they can't play anything! They're nothing, but wannabes!"

So I walked down the hall with my dear deranged friends Nancy and Selene to get away from the whole 'I want to be in a band' scene. As we walked we saw bunch of tight-ass girls wearing bebe shirts and high heels running after the losers saying, "oh, it's Chris's band! They're awesome."

Yeah, as if they know anything. I wanted to slap their painted faces and say, "you bimbo! Fuck off! You are pathetic! Going to a tanning salon is bad enough, bitch! Do you have to stoop that low and suck up to these jerks! I don't understand you! By the way you're going to be a wrinkled old mattress with a chicken neck when you're thirty !"

These situations make me furious. I hate showoffs! They are irritating and annoying.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" I said while Nancy tried to clam me down, "they sound like shit. All they're trying to do is look cool and get girls. I hate that! Fuck that! I hate seeing girls getting trapped into this sexual propaganda. It's shit! Fuck them!"

"Yeah, it's true, Portia," Nancy said, "they're so fuckin' annoying!"

"They don't want to make music! It's all about sex and showing off!"

"They think they're cool or something. Oww, the fuckin' assholes," Selene yelled, "they're so retarded!"

This whole situation ruined my day. For that reason I went home and realized that there are people who don't showoff their $175 stratocaster or want to hang out with the foolish idiots. These people are at home playing in their room or in their basement or who knows where. They're just creating and creating. They are not interested in pouring gasoline on fire. They are the real musicians. They are the ones who see how ridiculous the whole god damn guitar school thing is. These people have control. They don't have to flaunt their guitars because they know that they are the real thing.

Well I guess what I am trying to say is that showoffs are nothing but attention seeking jerks who don't know what the hell they're doing. They really want this admirable image. They want the others to look up to them and be their friends when they treat them like shit. They're so immature. Get a life! Grow up!

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