I totally despise the people who are stubborn enough to refuse to accept the present because in their obstinate minds, the 'past' was so great. The thing is that these people stop us from developing our generation. This is why, years later people are going to say that the 90's was a decade filled with posers.

I hate this hippie thing that's been going on the last couple years now too. So many kids pretend to be this sort of person who opposes society and believes in all that liberalism stuff even though they really know nothing about it. It's irritating to see kids listening to old music, wearing their parent's old clothes, and pretending to know stuff about that era even though we all know these kids have no knowledge of that time what so ever because everything these posers do are just a front. Well, it's just a trend and it'll be gone tomorrow, just like how they all caught on yesterday.

The truth is that no matter how much these kids research golden old decades and trends, they will never even know half as much as the people who were actually there and living at that time knew. These children are walking contradictions. They are going against what the 'true' hippies believed in because these posers are so much more into the whole glamour and glory crap rather than the real belief. In fact, they probably know less than what the real 'tuned out' people who were there at that time knew.

So, what is happening? We are losing our generation. Neohippies are stealing from our generation. Do we want that? Apparently not, which is why we should start a revolution that will surely awaken people and create a tumult.

Well, how can we start this revolution? How can we verify what our generation is all about? For starters, we can put up hundreds of flyers. Mail letters and even e-mail. Write songs, start a punk band, create a riot! Do you see the destruction? Mislead people with your manipulating words. You know how moronic and oblivious these kids are; they'll follow anything that looks and sounds 'cool.' Remember, these kids are trendies. Make people listen. We can always force people to do things against their will. Especially yuppies. Remember, if you have faith in it, it can happen (sort of, ha!). You can even start a goddamn zine if you wish. Pretty soon, everyone will emulate this. What else can I say? The world is full of nimrods. Sort of sad ha?

I guess, I pointed out here that people will really go out of their ways to be like other folks. Is this an innocent sacrifice that every defenseless citizen will struggle with in time? Nah, what a tragedy!


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