Shall I go?

by prehistoric as whole

I have got to get a life. I must move on. I have to move on. Who knows maybe this will be my last article for the zine. I don't know. Something has got to change in my life. I feel so old, yet there is a future ahead of me.

But what can I do? How can I change things when I don't have the power or the authority. I feel like there are ten people holding hands in a circle, and I am in the middle. Trapped. Trapped like a bird who wants to get out of his cage and fly in the big empty sky. Just fly away. Where? He don't know. He'll know when he gets there. There is nothing that can stop this bird. Only time. Time will come and regrets will be silenced.

I shall break through this chain. The chain of barrier. The chain of slowing down. If I can't get there will I...will the same?

Will I look the same? Will I speak the same? Will I feel the same?...I don't know. I haven't been there...yet...time will come or time will pass. I must decide now.

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