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Subversion 1998
My Brain 1998
"A Call to Action and a Reaction" 1999
Revised Guide (1-60) This is all it takes 1999
Bad Roomates 1999
Mainstream Kids 1999
Don't Confide in anyone 1999
Goths, you do not alarm me at all 1999
Accounts; for the sake of it 1999
Bits about flakes and the whole clan 1999
Greed 1999
reasons for doing a zine 1999
An Element 1999
Are You A Saks Fifth Avenue Punk? 1999
Analysis of "Science of Myth" 1999
A few injustices in the world-A bunch of -ism's 2000
"From the desktop of a neurotic by nature" 2000
Thoughts that don't make much sense 2000
Echoes 2000
The nine commandments for living successfully as a punk rocker with a mental illness 2000
Straight Edge/A Subculture dominated by music 2000
The Race Debate 2001
The Real Disease 2001
Connect the Dots 2001
We're Stuck 2001
Monologue 2001
Women in Film 2001
These Days 2001
Lessons In History 2002

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