the break

by prehistoric as whole

"I was taking a walk and that stupid dog followed me again!" said Calphurnia.

"I he loves you, Cal," Silk smiled, "why don't you let him in and give him some food. He looks so hungry."

"No! I am not going to let that ugly dog in! He smells like shit!" Calphurnia yelled and walked into the living room with her hands on her waist.

"Come on! Look at his sweet puppy eyes, Cal. How can you not let him in? You love him."

"No I do not love that thing. He is so ugly and annoying. Why can't he just get lost."

"Well then I'll let him in," Silk opened the door and gestured her arm towards him, "come in, come in."

"No!" yelled Calphurnia.

"Hello, dear," I said.

"Go away! Leave me alone! I don't like you! Get the hell out of my face. You are an annoying loser!" Calphurnia kicked me in the shin.

"Ouch! Why do you have to treat me like shit! I am a human being! God! All I want is love. I am so lonely."

"You freakin' emo!" Calphurnia yelled in my face.

"God, stop it," I said like a wuss, "we can work this out, hon. Just give me a chance. You'll hear the wedding bells soon, but not now. Please I don't have a job and I can't settle down now."

"We've been together for more than ten years! When Pre? When?"

"Honey just relax. Soon as I get a job at McDonalds I'll be able to get you a ring and we'll get married."

"No, Pre!"

"Then what do you want?" I asked fixing my glasses.

"We should go our separate ways. I can't live like this anymore and don't follow me Pre. It's freaky."


"No. Pre just leave."

"But I love you, Cal."

"Good-bye Pre. Good-bye."

(Now you see why I am so depressed!)

(I love you Cal)

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