the cruel and swell life Of...?

By T.G. Clown

How gloomy and sad when you do something really stupid or dumb and act really unreasonable people will destroy and step all over you because they think that they have to be better than you. How cruel life can be.

"Fuck you!" I said. The most played out curse, yet it surely is powerful enough for them to fuck off.

Anyway, why do I express regret to the stuff that I did in the past? Is it because of the negative feedback that I received from my surroundings? Or maybe I just grew up and realized that my deed was completely irrational. But I see myself repeating the same old regretful stuff, like talking too much of the same old stuff or just swallowing my worries until I go nuts. Wait, but the stuff that I regret was all fun...maybe that's why I still do it.

"Hell with it!" I said, "I don't give a rat's ass what they think!"--Then again, if I think like this I am not going to learn my lesson...maybe I don't want to.

Yeah, I don't care what they think about me. I just want to be well. But why do people get green shit if they eat Tricks?

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