10 Easy Steps to Look Like Shawn Smith

By T.G. Clown

Let's Examine Shawn from head to toe. Shall we...

1. Shawn likes to sport a cap to cover up his messy hair. A cap or any other head gear is a must have.

2. Shawn sometimes likes to have facial hair such as a beard or a goatee. Not a mustache.

3. Shawn is a natural brunette. If you're some other color then I suggest that you dye your hair.

4. Shawn's hair is not too short or too long. Just get the right length and tuck your hair behind your ears like Shawn.

5. As you can see Shawn looks like a happy go lucky kind of guy, so you must have the laid back "cool" attitude like Shawn. Keep the smile.

6. Shawn likes to wear comfortable clothes like a loose button down shirt with prints.

7. Shawn also likes to wear comfortable pants. Get them in dark colors. No yellow or red. That's just not Shawn.

8. Remember Shawn doesn't like it when he's running behind time, so get a watch and wear it on your right wrist.

9. Shawn likes sneakers. He doesn't like fancy boots or anything, he prefers sneakers made out of strong cloth.

10. If you really want to look like Shawn then I suggest that you get some padding or a couple of guys standing behind your back.

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