This is all it takes

(I hope you can handle it)

Revised Guide (1-60)

1-You don't give a fuck,
2-you smoke weed, ha ha,
3-you love the Ramones,
4-you won't give a fuck, and
5-you just don't give a fuck.
6-You're cheating yourself if you don't wear Chuck Taylor's All Star Converse high tops, respectively.
7-You wear your leather jacket at least 60% of the time you go out.
8-You wear black Levis jeans and
9-a cap, if you please.
10-Spikes aren't required and baggy shorts are unheard of.
11-You never wear those gas station shirts cause they're made for emos.
12-Never chew your gum the way They do.
13-You have to own a punk handbook,
14-carry it with you at all times.
15-It is fundamental for you to believe in the obscure spirit of "Unity" and
16-every word uttered by Jesse Michaels.
17-You have to hate corporate dudes and deem them as sleazy, shoddy, no-good careerists.
18-You have to love zines, comics;
19-own a few underground zines and comics.
20-Never buy from any store that carries anything mainstream, which then just about excludes all your local record stores.
21-Try not to listen to any mainstream radio station, just good college stations.
22-Joey Ramone is your creator and
23-Led Zeppelin, the one you spit and vomit at.
24-You don't need to become a good guitarist or play any "real" chords. Besides, we're all too lazy, too strung out, and too hung up on TV to ever get anything like that done.
25-Apply a declamatory statement to everything, such as, "The world is a whore and the government is her pimp," Gilman Street.
26-Don't talk,
27-eat, or
28-drink the way you want.
29-You can only stare one way, look one way, have one view.
30-You can't read Spin, Rolling Stone, Hit Parader, or Circus kind of crap. It's all about fads or the latest trend.
31-You unquestionably will not desire any sort of guitar magazine because three power chords is enough to make a good song.
32-Do read lots of Xerox copied, budget material.
33-You've got to hate Courtney Love cause she's generic. She quit music to become an actress and to be around Drew Barrymore.
34-She's a fraudulent lesbian. She demands and urgently seeks assistance cause she can't do anything by herself. She's never really done anything risky, except kiss girls on stage and reveal that she's got a beefy donkey.
35-Attempt petitioning or fighting; be kind of naive actually.
36-Have fun while hating a whole lot of things.
37-Beat up skinheads; combat, invade, and attack anything racist, sexist, or redneck.
38-You need lots of screw ups; days when you feel dispirited and enraged, days when you want to be a pain in the ass.
39-Be very odd, but lovable all the same.
40-Carry out original ideas even though you can only get that much more original.
41-Expect the worst, the poorest, have unreasonably low standards, and
42-get things extremely hard for the rest of your life. I mean, things can't really get that much better or worse, canthey?
43-Don't try to do anything good for yourself.
44-Don't drink pure liquids,
45-get good sleep,
46-or seek loving support.
47-You've done some kind of damage to either your ears, hair, or skin without noticing it. Most likely, we've all had some types of brain damage beforehand.
48-If you have prescribed drugs, toss them.
49-You should hold at least one renegade experience or
50-a time when you just drove your folks nuts.
51-Maintain a firm stand on religion. Now you've got something to attack.
52-Have some type of inane excuse and
53-some type of bizarre cravings.
54-By no means, keep a forcible opinion on hippies and how we all forced them toretreat.
55-Make smart mouth comments to everyone. 99% of the time you'll always be right.
56-"What can you do?"
57-Hate your school.
58-Generally hate a whole lot of things.
59-Be an exception to the rule, and
60-morally don't give a fuck.


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