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"The Neighbors"

What is the hardest part about being in a band? Finding people who are actually down to put in the time and effort for more than two years to regularly practice... and playing out of town. Without money to support yourself, your rent paid off for while you're gone and a job that will actually let you come and go is basically next to impossible.

When did you and why did you start this band? 1992. I wanted to belt out lyrics like early Bad Brains or early DRI.

How serious are you about your band? I'm pretty serious, but that doesn't mean shit. Like I said, you can be as serious as you want but without a lot of matching schedules, incomes and priorities seriousness is nothing.

What have you learned from being in a band? Unfortunately, I've learned a lot of rock star shit that is embraced by many supposed "punk" labels and bands. I've learned punk means nothing to most bands and labels. Community means nothing. Alternate form of music means nothing. These bands and labels act just like big rock acts and worse. Luckily, many are dying out because as soon as the money runs out or they realize there is no money to be made they are off to another fad...rockabilly, I hate to say, you're next.

What is the message your band is trying to convey? Try to care about others that haven't been spoiled their whole lives and question what you believe. You'll be surprised to find out most of what you think you know is really just a stereotype.

Do you have any best/worst experiences playing live? San Francisco is always good to us for some reason. Lots of punks up there that actually want to check out bands, not just be seen and look cool.

Do you have any advice/preferences on playing live? Yes. If you are in a band and you are playing on a bill with other bands, please get your shit off the stage when you are done playing, immediately so the crowd does not have to wait longer than a set's time to see another band. I don't care how important you think you are...get your shit off the stage or I'm throwing it off.

What were your primary influences? Now this can be a whole range of things. Bands that play very fast and very hard and don't waste their lyric sheet on love stories and stupid shit. Capitalist Casualties, early DRI, Los Crudos, Dead Kennedys... I'd say those bands had influence on me personally.

What equipments do you use? The same stuff we have had for years because we can't afford a certain brand.

Did you release an ep/lp/7"/demo? If so, how did you go about distributing it? We have released a demo, an ep and two CDs. We traded and consigned with mail order distributors and ran ads here and there.

Where are you from? Describe your 'scene' if there is one. San Diego. There is none. It's pathetic.

How hard is it for you to get gigs there? Years ago it was easy, now it is basically impossible.

What kind of sacrifices did you have to make for your band? Any obstacles? None except time but I would rather be making music with my time than most anything else so basically none. Only obstacle is the constant rotation of members. We have three originals and we have had three different guitarists, we have two guitars and we are on our fifth drummer.

How are you making ends meet? We all work and go to school.

Okay now here's a random question: What zines do you enjoy? Personally, I like MRR of course, the Probe, Suburban Voice and Genetic Disorder.

Thank you.

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