By Brittany

Well I feel it has grown so strongly that I am trapped in it. Well it's kind of like slavery. Maybe I should try fleeing from it. I am bound it's not sweet as it used to be. It's bringing me down well you're here and you're forbidden. And it's completely confidential and personal. Well it's not new and well it's an old thing that grew inside you for years and you find out you're still attached and well you kind of like it. Well you left it sometime ago and you were happy you found something else. You felt special well not anymore as I said It's a bound and a gag. Unconditional abnormal and cold and calculated kind of love. It's great but well... Well I see I never really left and I miss it... I think it's the same now... It's stupid and proud because it's a backwards thing. The other well you know me how I evolutionized. It's the same old me bestowing my hand upon this thing. It seems like the official identity of who I am. The one I used to be proud and the identity that I question now. I am no longer proud to say I am. Actually I feel trapped that I have to stay consistent to this identity. But it's something that you're proud in the outside but you can't have anything else. There's no room for others. Well this conflict all began because I kind of love this conflict. You feel kind of special like you have something else and then you're proud of the other.

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