Weezer Concert Review

by Brittany

I went to see Weezer at the Rec in Albany, New York on March 2001. I remember vividly standing behind a kid who resembled a skinny Billy Corgan. And there was a Ben Weasel look-alike standing behind. The rest of the folks were mostly emos. You could tell who were the students and who were the Weezer hardcore fans. Iím not trying to make judgments, but majority of the hardcore fans were emos. But the funny thing was guy emos had mainstream looking girlfirends. The type of girlfriends that jocks would have. Girls who wear Abercrombie & Ftich. Hmmmm. I found that kind of diverting and irregular. Ozma opened for the Get Up Kids followed by Weezer.

Ozma was harsh and persistent. The Get Up Kids were loud and obnoxious. After this, Weezer came on the stage. Their sound is much more refined and well, you could say more polished than Ozma and the Get Up Kids. Weezer didnít try to do too much like the two opening bands that came before. They played well. They didnít play too fast or too slow.

I forgot the set list.

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