Leacock Township
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
21 February 1828
Will Book P, Vol. 1, Page 174

In the name of God, amen!  I, Abraham Bair Senior, of Leacock township, Lancaster County, and State of Pennsylvania, being sick and weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind and memory, and being disposed to settle my worldly concerns, do make and publish this my last will and testament, as follows, viz. ~

First, It is my will that my wife, Catharine Bair, have and enjoy all my personal property so long as she may live, and at her decease, then it is my will hat the whole of my personal property be equally divided between my two daughters Mary and Catharine, share and share alike. It is my will that my executors herein after mentioned, assist my daughters in making an equal divide of my personal property, so that each may have an equal share without making public vendue of any part of it. ~

It is my desire that my wife occupy and have the use of all my personal property as already mentioned, but she is not to dispose of any part of it during her lifetime.~

Item, it is my will and I do hereby direct, that in case there should ever be recovered from John Miller, my son-in-law, any part of the bond which I hold against him, then it is my will that said sum due from him, or any part thereof, if recovered, shall be equally divided amongst my children, or their legal heirs, having respect to the sum of five hundred pounds, paid to each of my sons, John, Jacob, and David, in my lifetime. ~

It is my will, that the share which may come to my daughter Elizabeth, who intermarried with John Miller, shall descend to her children in equal proportions. ~

And lastly, It is my will and I hereby nominate and appoint my son Abraham Bair, and my friend and my neighbour, Benjamin Hoover, the executors of this my last will and testament. - Hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me made, and declaring this and no other to be my last will and testament. ~

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the twenty first day of February, A. Domini, one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight.~

Abraham Bear (seal)

Signed, sealed, declared and pronounced by the said Abraham Bair, to be his last will and testament in presence of us. ~

Jacob H. Eckert*
N. F. Lightner

Lancaster County, Js., One the 17th day of March, anno domini 1828. Before me the subscriber, personally appeared, Jacob H. Eckert*, Nathaniel F. Lightner, the subscribing witnesses to the aforegoing will, and on their corporal oaths according to law, did severally depose and say, that they were present, and saw and heard Abraham Bair, the testator therein named, sign, deal, publish, pronounce, and declare the same, as and for his last will and testament; and that at the time of the doing thereof he was of sound and well disposing mind, memory and understanding, according to the best of their knowledge, observation and belief. ~

F. A. Muhlenburg Registrar

Be it remembered, That on the 17th day of March, anno domini 1828, The last will and testament of Abraham Bair, deceased, was proved in due form of law, and letters testamentary thereon were granted to his son, Abraham Bair, and Benjamin Hoover, the executors therein named, they having been first duly affirmed, according to law, will and truly to administer the estate of the said deceased; especially to exhibit a true and perfect inventory, thereof, into the Registerís Office at Lancaster, within one month; and to render a just and true account of their executorship, on said estate, in one year, or when thereto lawfully required; and also, that they will diligently and faithfully regard and well and truly comply with the provisions of the act of Assembly relating to collateral inheritances. ~

Given under the Seal of said office. ~

F. A. Muhlenberg, Registrar

*Jacob H. (or K.) Eckert

Transcribed by H. Carmine.