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Addison Sanders

Group of Railroad Men
picture includes
Addison Sanders

Addison Sanders, born ca. 1858 in Jackson County, TN., was the son of Elisha and Sarah "Sallie" (Gordon) Sanders. He married Lucretia Alice Woodruff at the home of his brother Elmore and Nancy Sanders in McLeansboro, Hamilton County, IL. on April 4,. 1877. Eight children were born to this marriage. Addison died May 31, 1903 in McLeansboro, IL and is buried at the Hopewell Baptist Cemetery near his parents Elisha and Sarah.

In the above photo, Addison is the third individual from the left in the 3rd row. That is counting the single guy in the very front as row 1.

Many thanks to Ron Sanders for sharing Addison's photo and story.

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