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I am very happy to have exchanged banners with:

My Family's Heart Genealogy

Billy's Genealogy Homepage

Serena's Family Tree

Gaunt And Salway Family Tree

Clan McLean Connections

Aussie Rhonda's Genealogy

Kentucky is My Home

Bates Miller Family History

Ok - want mine - the "rules" are simple:

  • ABSOLUTELY - NO Pornographic Sites, your site MUST be family oriented.
    What does that mean, it means that a site must be safe for viewing by children.
    I want my grandchildren to be able to view your site safely.
  • This exchange is new to me - so for now, this will be for GENEALOGY related sites only.


Save the image to YOUR computer.
Just right click over the banner
save it to your hard drive, and upload it to your website from there.
Here is the code for you to use in your html once you have saved the image to your computer.


Once you have added my banner to your site, please send me an email so I can visit your site and take your banner and place it on this page.

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