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Marvin and Bessie

Marvin and Bessie Horner Carmine

Marvin Woodrow Carmine was born July 10, 1916, in Elizabeth City, NC.
He died May 02, 1978, Philadelphia, PA.
Marvin served in the Army from 16 July 1935 to 10 August 1937
and the Navy, 17 Feb. 1942 to 18 Sept. 1945 in WWII.
He is buried at New Hollywood Cemetery, Elizabeth City.

Bessie Doris Horner was born July 14, 1909, in Elizabeth City, NC.
She died January 09, 1986, Maryland.
During Bessie's life, she was a Registered Nurse.

Bessie and Marvin were married January 02, 1942, Norfolk, VA.

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