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button  Bessie & Marvin Carmine

button  Linda Brothers Carmine

button  Charles R. Carmine

button  Allen Carmine

button  Charles Carmine

button  Clara Carmine

button  Marvin Carmine

button  Mike Carmine

button  Jeff D. Golden

button  Jeff & Sarah Golden with their children

button  Sarah Ann Shaub Golden

button  John and Susan Shaub

button  Minnie Golden

button  Gavin David Shaffer

button  Mildred Ford Shaffer

button  Mike and Milly Shaffer

button  Bessie Horner & Hallie Waters Horner

button  Horner Family

button  Frank and Patricia Horner

button  Clara Jane Goodwin & Who?

button  Clara Jane Goodwin & Harriett Sanders

button  Clara Jane & her boys

button  Clara Jane Goodwin Sanders Harris Beirbower

button  Clara Jane

button  Harriett Sanders

button  Harriett Aurelia Sanders Rayborn Carns

button  Earl J. Carns

button  Joseph H. Rayborn

button  William A. Rayborn

button  The Rayborn Brothers

button  Elisha & Sarah Sanders

button  James Russell Sanders Family

button  James Sanders

button  Rachel Short, Clara Goodwin, Clara's Children

button  Olevia (Blackburn) Steinmetz

button  Samuel Waters

button  Engine Mechanic Class #4, Chanute Field Rantoul, IL (1930)

These Sanders' Photos are courtesy of Ron Sanders.

button  William Washington Sanders

button  Margaret Hix (Hicks) Sanders

button  John Overton Sanders

button  Sereta Alberta Pollard Pruitt Sanders

button  Joseph Leroy Sanders

button  John Sanders

button  Martha E. Lynn Sanders

button  Wilmore Sanders

button  Wilmore and Sarah Smith Sanders

button  James Luther Sanders

button  Lucretia Alice Woodruff Sanders

button  Truman Sanders

button  Addison Sanders

button  Gladys Irene Trout & Earl Luther Sanders

button  Mary Hurst Sanders


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I want to thank Ron Sanders for sharing the Sanders' information and Sanders' photos with us for this site.

Thank you to Diane Green for sharing Olevia (Blackburn) Steinmetz's photo.

And also to Dave Shaffer for sharing the Shaffer pictures with us.

If anyone else has Our Family Photos to share, please contact us. We would love to see them.

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