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Joseph Leroy and his wife

Joseph Leroy & Sarah Miriah (Peters) Sanders

A little information about Joseph Leroy & Sarah Miriah (Peters) Sanders:
Joseph Leroy Sanders was born on August 6, 1862 at Franklin County, Illinois.
His parents were William W. Sanders & Margaret Hix (Hicks).
Since both of his parents died before he was two years old, he was raised by
his grandparents, Elisha & Sarah Sanders.
On August 22, 188?, he married Amy F. Gullic, in Hamilton County, Illinois.
The marriage record lists his occupation as farmer.
Amy died in childbirth sometime before 1889, when Joseph moved to Mt. Carmel,
Wabash County, Illinois. On October 26, 1889, he married Sarah Miriah Peters.
Joseph's occupation was then listed as a railroad official. He and Sarah raised
a family of five sons and one daughter. Joseph Sanders died October 7, 1940,
Mt. Carmel, Illinois. He was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Mt. Carmel.
Sarah died on September 10, 1941 and is buried next to her husband,
Joseph Leroy Sanders.

This picture was added to angelbear's site on June 19, 2000
Many thanks to Ron Sanders for sharing Joseph Leroy's and Sara's photo and story.

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