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Thank you to everyone that posted in my Old Guestbook in 2000!
I do appreciate the time you took to send me a message.

marshmallo - 11/16/00 06:39:55
My Email:marciaruffell@hotmail.com
My husband is a Hughes from Alabama.

toh - 07/31/00 19:45:56
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What did you like best here?: all
You have a great site!

Jennifer - 07/31/00 18:55:36
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/GLsaxophonechick/homepage.html
My Email:GLsaxophonechick@yahoo.com
What did you like best here?: The Graphics
Hey! You have an adorable site. I'm going to tell my mom about your site it's great! Keep up the excellent work! =^..^=

MistyRain - 07/31/00 05:36:12
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/mistyrain1.geo/
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What did you like best here?: The Design!
Wonderful site! Excellant design, I enjoyed my visit!

Cajuncutie - 07/30/00 00:41:52
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/cajungirly.geo
What did you like best here?: everything
you have such a happy place here! i hope you find all your family you are trying to find. i know i have a biiiiiiiig family and that would take too long for me to do! i hope you find them all. your bears are so cute too. :o)

Philip - 07/16/00 12:00:10
My Email:philiplsteele@hotmail.com
What did you like best here?: Everything was great
I really enjoyed this site. You've done great work with it. Keep it up, and may God bless you with all that you do.

Ruthy(Mother-Daughter Team) - 07/11/00 02:51:36
My Email:r-gauthier@worldnet.att.net
What did you like best here?: "Brick Wall" and the way you presented your info.
Hello Harriett; Tonya and I want to thank you for stopping by our site, and appreciated your comments. My daughter gets all the credit for our site, as it has been all her ideas and designs. How old are your daughters? I too have two daughters, but it has only been the past few years that Tonya has found the same excitment that I found years ago. My other daughter only enjoys the stories. I hope maybe one day both of your daughters will ind that spark, because I now enjoy the research so much more because I have someone to share it with. Was very impressed with your site, and loved your bear graphics. Also liked what you did with the Brickwall. Good ideas. Just sorry we can't help you out in this area. As Tonya handles the awards she will contact you soon. Hope you stop by and visit us again..loved your family photo-cute costumes! Ruthy

Midnight - 07/10/00 19:26:27
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You have done a great job on your site, I enjoyed my visit here. Thanks for visitng my site.

Jerry Spore - 07/09/00 20:38:57
My Email:gspore@juno.com
What did you like best here?: All of it

Cathy - 07/07/00 00:43:44
My URL:http://pages.ivillage.com/misc/bk2myroots
My Email:mtgirl@in-tch.com
What did you like best here?: your graphics are adorable
Your site is nicely done and a pleasure to visit!

ghurrghee - 07/05/00 05:09:34
Great job Angel...gives me hope with my family tree.I may try some of your research sites.

roadcap2 - 07/05/00 01:54:26
My Email:eroadcap@pa.net
Hi Angel, loved your home page. I really like what you have done. I too am in to genealogy. In chat room as roadcap2. Good luck in breaking through brick wall. I have one also. Won't ever give up.

glowgen - 07/04/00 23:45:31
My Email:glowgen@yahoo.com

Darlene Wishuon - 07/01/00 02:49:14
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/darlene_wishoun/index.html
My Email:hbear@swbell.net
What did you like best here?: everything
I love your web site. You have done a great job on it. Keep up the good work.

Ron - 06/19/00 15:18:04
My Email:PapawRon@aol.com
What did you like best here?: The Photos
Harriett, I'm impressed. You must have been the top student in the school where you learned how to "set up a webpage." I will be checking back here often to see your progress. Hope you get some good leads in furthering your family tree from those folks visiting your site. I am proud to call you a "cousin."

Scotty - 06/18/00 15:01:34
What did you like best here?: all of it!!!
Great job. You are a very talented person to do all this.