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This page is intended to provide some biographical info on the voice actors of King of the Hill. It's not quite finished yet, but it will be soon. Bios are in alphabetical order.

If I've gotten stuff wrong, or if you want to add some information, please email me and let me know.

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Pamela Segall Adlon (Bobby Hill; Clark Peters)
Pamela Segall was born in New York City in 1968. She made her first acting appearance in the movie Grease 2, and played a recurring role on The Facts of Life during the 1983-84 season. Afterwards she was regularly seen in TV guest appearances, most notably in a Night Court episode as a girl pretending to be a boy. In the '90s she began doing voice work in animated shows, including regular appearances on Rugrats and a number of roles in Disney animated shows. She is most famous for her raspy, realistically masculine voicing of young boys; on King of the Hill she plays not only Bobby Hill but school bullies Clark Peters and Chane Wasonasong, extracurricular-activities whiz Mike Soto, and various other boys. But she also does many other types of voices, such as Hank's co-worker Donna, and Pepper Ann's deep-voiced younger sister on Pepper Ann. She recently voiced several animated characters in an episode of "Six Feet Under." Her work in films has included a role in Say Anything and a leading role in the comedy Eat Your Heart Out. She is married to the writer-director of Eat Your Heart Out, Felix Adlon. Her appearances on the Los Angeles stage have included the musical "Greetings from Venice Beach," for which she received a Dramalogue Award for best performance. She was nominated for an Annie Award for the show "Time Squad," and won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for her work as Bobby, Clark and Chane in the KotH episode "Bobby Goes Nuts." See also this article.

Ashley Gardner (Nancy Gribble; Didi Hill)
A North Carolina native, Gardner earned her bachelor's degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts before heading north to begin her career. After appearing in regional theatre productions of "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "Of Mice and Men," Gardner moved to New York, where she appeared in such plays as "The Prettiest Girl in Lafayette County" and a revival of "Come September." In 1985 she understudied the roles of Sorel and Jackie in a revival of Noel Coward's "Hay Fever" at the Music Box Theatre on Broadway, and took over the role of Jackie during the run of the show. In the early '90s she moved to Los Angeles and has had regular guest-starring work on such shows as "The Drew Carey Show," "Seinfeld," and "ER" in addition to her regular roles on KotH. Besides voicing Nancy and Didi, she took over the role of Reverend Stroup in season 5 and voices many other female characters, such as the self-defence instructor in "Bobby Goes Nuts."

Johnny Hardwick (Dale Gribble)
Hardwick is from Austin, Texas. He has primarily been a popular standup comic, getting his start at the Velveeta Room on Sixth Street in Austin. After doing a show at the Montreal Comedy Festival in 1995, he got a development deal at NBC (which didn't lead to anything) and did many standup comedy showcases both in Austin and Los Angeles. While Hardwick was doing a comedy showcase in Los Angeles, Greg Daniels saw his act and, impressed by a routine about Hardwick's father (who came off as somewhat like Hank Hill) hired him as a writer on "King of the Hill." After Daniel Stern turned down the part of Dale Gribble, Hardwick auditioned for and eventually got the part. Hardwick still lives in Austin, in a house that (according to a newspaper article) "features a working teepee in the backyard."

David Herman (Buckley; Eustace; many guest voices)
Click here for a bio of Herman. His more recent work includes parts on "Primetime Glick" and numerous voices on "Futurama." Though he originally auditioned for the part of Bill on King of the Hill, he has become the show's most prolific guest-voice artist, voicing dozens of different characters. Among his many roles on the show: social worker Anthony Page; Eustace the bespectacled twig-boy lawyer; Luanne's boyfriend Buckley; the photographer "Carlo" in "Husky Bobby"; Pastor K in "Reborn to Be Wild"; Dale Gribble's father Bug; Jimmy Witchard; Bobby's science teacher; Lumpy in "Queasy Rider"; and many more.

Toby Huss (Cotton Hill; Kahn Souphanousinphone; Joe Jack)
Huss is from Marshalltown, Iowa. After playing a regular role on Days of Our Lives, he made a famous appearance at the 1992 MTV Movie Awards parodying Frank Sinatra. He repeated his Sinatra impersonation in a popular series of promo spots for MTV. At the same time he played the role of Artie in Nickelodeon's series The Adventures of Pete and Pete. His subsequent TV roles have included regular parts on The Army Show and Nikki, and three guest appearances on NewsRadio. He has been in many films including Jerry McGuire and (in multiple roles) Bedazzled. He began doing voice work on Mike Judge's Beavis and Butt-head, voicing a variety of parts including the bully Todd. (Todd was initially voiced by Mike Judge, but, in Judge's words, "now Toby Huss does it. He's much better than me at it.") On Judge's King of the Hill, Huss voices many recurring characters. The best-known are Hank's dad Cotton and next-door neighbor Kahn, but Huss also voices Hank's co-worker Joe Jack and the sexist gym coach at Bobby's school. Among his other voice work was a role as one of the bears (Stephen Root was another) in Peter Hastings' The Country Bears. He can currently be seen as Stumpy on HBO's "Carnivale."

Jonathan Joss (John Redcorn, season 2 - present)

Mike Judge (Hank Hill, Boomhauer)
Judge's first project was an animated short called "Office Space." He then created several other animated shorts. His big break came with "Beavis and Butt-Head" on MTV; Judge created the show and did the voices of both Beavis and Butt-Head. The success of the show led to a successful feature film. In 1996 Judge signed with Fox to create "King of the Hill," another project that needs no introduction. In 1999 Judge wrote and directed his first live-action feature film, Office Space, based on his own animated short. The satirical office comedy, starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, and KotH's own Stephen Root and David Herman, was not a box-office success but has been far more successful on video and DVD (Fox keeps promising a special edition DVD of the film but it hasn't happened yet). Judge is currently co-producer (with Don Hertzfeldt) of "The Animation Show," a travelling festival of the best in current short animated films. He recently signed a deal with Fox to write and direct two films; his first project will be 3001, a science-fiction comedy about a future where everyone in the world has been dumbed down.

Breckin Meyer (Joseph Gribble, season 5 - present)

Brittany Murphy (Luanne Platter; Joseph Gribble, seasons 1 - 4)
Murphy was born in Atlanta and raised in New Jersey. She started acting at a young age, and at age 13 she moved to Los Angeles with her mother. She started in TV with guest roles on Blossom and Frasier, and regular roles on Drexell's Class and Sister, Sister. Her big break in films came when she played Tai (Harriet Smith to Alicia Silverstone's Emma) in Clueless. (Another Clueless alumnus, Breckin Meyer, would later take over the KotH role of Joseph Gribble from Murphy.) Since then she has been one of Hollywood's busiest young character actresses in films like Zack and Reba (also featuring KotH's Kathy Najimy), Don't Say a Word and Girl, Interrupted. She also appeared on Broadway in a revival of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge. In 2002-3 she made the transition to leading lady in two hit movies: 8 Mile and Just Married.

Kathy Najimy (Peggy Hill)
Ms. Najimy's biography is on her official site

Stephen Root (Bill Dauterive; Buck Strickland)
Root is from Sarasota, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in acting and broadcasting, he spent three years touring with the National Shakespeare Company. He then appeared in many plays on the New York stage, most successfully as Frank in a Broadway revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons. Since moving to Los Angeles, Root has appeared in such movies as Mike Judge's Office Space, where he played the stapler-obsessed Milton. He also appears frequently in movies by the Coen brothers, including O Brother Where Art Thou and The Ladykillers. He has guest-starred on many TV shows, including L.A. Law, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Night Court. His most famous role, however, was Jimmy James, the eccentric station owner on Paul Simms' sitcom NewsRadio; originally conceived as a relatively conventional character who would appear only occasionally, Jimmy became one of the stars of the show thanks to Root's offbeat playing of the character. In addition to voicing Bill and Buck on King of the Hill, Root has voiced many minor characters (Cotton's pal Topsy, to name only one), and has done voice work in other shows and movies including the recent Finding Nemo.

Lauren Tom (Minh Souphanousinphone; Kahn Jr.)
Lauren Tom was born in Chicago in 1961. While she was a freshman in college, she auditioned for and got the part of Connie in the road company of A Chorus Line, beginning a prolific acting career in stage, films and television. On stage, she played the role of Honey in the Broadway musical Doonesbury (adapted by Garry Trudeau from his comic strip) and Donna in David Rabe's play Hurlyburly. More recently she wrote and performed a solo show, 25 Psychics, at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival and then on tour; the show was about her experiences as "the only Asian in Highland Park, Illinois." Her feature films include The Joy Luck Club, Mr. Jones and With Friends Like These. On television, she has had recurring roles on Grace Under Fire and Friends and has guest-starred on many other shows including Homicide: Life On the Street and Chicago Hope. As a voice actress, Tom plays Amy Wong on Futurama and both Minh Souphanousinphone and daughter Connie on King of the Hill. She has done individual episodes of many other animated shows, such as Batman, Pinky and the Brain and Superman. Tom is married to fellow-actor Curt Kaplan.

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