"Bury McMaynerbury!"

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "What Makes Bobby Run?"

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Quotes from "What Makes Bobby Run?"
Written by Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck
Directed by Cyndi Tang-Loveland

CONNIE: The PTA says we can't do the eighth-grade poll this year.
BOBBY: What!? Why not?
CONNIE: Last year's "worst dresser" turned out to be really poor.

HANK: You're going out for the Longhorn? So you're not prancing around the garage. You're training.

BOBBY: That dang Mike Soto! Where does he find the time? But I'll give him this: he is flexible.

BOBBY: "McMaynerbury Whoopin'?" That's like, "whoop, whoop, whoop," right?
DALE: No, "whoopin'," as in the big beat-down, as in halftime hammerin', as in the McMaynerbury Mascot Massacre, as in...
BOBBY: Am I missing something?

BOBBY: Maybe McMaynerbury will take an early lead and hold it for the rest of the game.
DALE: Yeah, and maybe I'll file a federal income tax return. (laughs) That goes in my big book of "So There"s.

BOBBY: McMaynerbury's gonna kill me. I'm a lover, not a -- I'm not even a lover!

HANK (as Bobby runs away): This is some kind of comedy bit. He's gonna turn around any second. Maybe he's just going to the car to get a... He's gone.

DALE: State your purpose.
BOBBY: Mr. Gribble, what would you say if I told you I was going to steal the Belton Armadillo tonight?
DALE: I'd say you're a madman. Or a genius. Maybe a little of both. I'll go 60/40.

DALE: That middle school is impregnable. Cannot be pregnated. Except by me. But I don't come cheap.
BOBBY: I don't have a lot of money.
DALE: Fine, I'll come cheap. You got five bucks?
BOBBY: I can get four.
DALE: I'm in.

PEGGY: It just seems like every time that Julia Roberts is on TV, it is just to yap about her movie.

HANK: Don't let them tease you too much. Remember, you're the mascot, not the placekicker.

DALE: There's four kids in there, and tough ones too.
BOBBY: Don't you have some poisons in your truck that you can pump in there to make them fall asleep?
DALE: I do. But the amount of poison that can make four kids fall asleep might also kill an armadillo. And the kids might not wake up.

DUB TAYLOR: Hey, you're Peggy Platter from West Arlen High. West Arlen sucks!

HANK: He's probably camped out in the bushes. No, that takes guts. He probably spent the night at Denny's.

BOBBY: Bobby Hill-o got the 'dillo!

HANK: Bobby just started a new tradition. Now we have the McMaynerbury Whoopin' and the Belton Beating. What a great time to be a Longhorn.

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