"You're not the boss of me. Bill's the boss of me."

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Apres Hank, Le Deluge"

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Quotes from "Apres Hank, Le Deluge"
Written by Kit Boss
Directed by Gary McCarver

DALE (giving his turtle a cigarette): Find land. Plant this. I will meet you at the rendezvous.

LUANNE: Did Uncle Hank order a duck? Because there's one in the mailbox.

HANK: They say one of the big problems in a shelter is that people often get shelter shock, where they become dependent and childlike. We don't have a lot of room for error with Bobby.
PEGGY: Don't worry, Hank, Bobby will not go baby on my watch. I'll put pepper on his thumbs, just in case.

LUANNE (on lightning): It's like God took our picture before He kills us.

HANK: Remember, Ladybird, the other dogs will be looking to you for leadership. Be strong.

KAHN: Chaos already ruling. This like when city of Luang Phrabang fall, and we snag sweet diplomatic license plates!

BOBBY: I always thought I'd die in this gym.

BOBBY: Mom, can I go play hide-and-seek with Joseph?
PEGGY: Hide-and-seek? Oh, my God, it's happening! Bobby, grow up! Now, here's the school's master key. Go to the teacher's lounge, have some coffee, and bitch about your friends.
BOBBY: Okay.

WOMAN: He's the Arlen Flooder!

JOSEPH: Hey, let's go to the girls' locker room and stand where naked girls have stood!

KAHN: Ah, best location in all of gym is ours. Yes, people admire us. But how do we make them fear us?
MINH: The man who controls the phone controls the shelter. Control the man who controls the phone, Kahn!
KAHN: Understood!

HANK: Dale, put that stuff down.
DALE: You're not the boss of me. Bill's the boss of me. And he says my plan is bold and innovative.

KAHN: Your hillbilly friend is drunk on power for once, instead of corn-squeezin's.

KAHN: Don't worry, I support coup. And maybe then you give me five minutes alone with sticky-bun cart.

DALE: So, Nancy, what do you think of my ark? Pretty yare, huh?
NANCY: Oh, it's real yare, sug.

KAHN: Go, you mighty behemoth!

CONNIE: You can't just stick fake pictures of yourself in the yearbook!
BOBBY (pointing to Joseph): Take it up with the class president.
CONNIE: Do you have any idea how much trouble you can get into for submitting fake awards and activities pages?
BOBBY: No...
JOSEPH: But these yearbooks won't come out until we graduate, right?
CONNIE (after a beat): I call prom queen!

HANK: Bill, you got lucky. The flood ended before we ran out of food and toilet paper. But now it's time to do your job. The goal of a shelter leader is to get these people out of here and back to their real lives.
BILL: But my real life sucks.
HANK: Bill, you've done a good job keeping people happy, mostly by turning them against me. But now's your chance to go out on top. You could be like Ted Williams. Heck, people are still fighting over his frozen head.

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