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This page is dedicated to the brave men and women at Film Roman, without whom King of the Hill would be just a radio play: The directors of King of the Hill.
A director on a show like King of the Hill does the same job as a director on a live-action show: He or she is in charge of turning the script into an actual filmed episode. The director supervises all aspects of production, including "storyboards, model design, timing and editing." The physical "acting" of the characters, such as Hank's trademark hand-behind-the-head gesture, is created under the supervision of the director.

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Wes Archer (Supervising Director, seasons 1-3; animation consultant, season 4; Supervising Director, season 8)
Wesley Meyer Archer is from Houston; he studied at CalArts. His 1985 student film "Jac Mac and Rad Boy Go!" (about two drunk-driving teenagers who crash their car into a nuclear warhead and get sent to hell) has become something of a cult classic. In the late '80s he went to work for Klasky-Csupo, and there he was one of the two original directors of the "Simpsons" shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show. When the Simpsons spun off into their own series, Archer became one of the series directors, and stayed with the show until season 7, helping to define the look and style of the show. (One of Archer's trademarks, which you can see in such episodes as "Three Men and a Comic Book," was the "twister," having the characters' heads twist around as they talk.) Archer himself picked "Two Bad Neighbors," in which George Bush moves in across the street from the Simpsons, as his own favorite among the episodes he directed. In 1996, Archer's Texan origins made him a natural choice for supervising director of the new Fox/Film Roman series King of the Hill. Archer directed the pilot, supervised the creation of the show's visual style, designed several supporting characters including Cotton, and was supervising director for the first three seasons as well as a consultant in season 4. The death-row convict in "Death and Texas," Wesley Martin Archer, is named after him and his brother Martin (also a KotH director) in a very tongue-in-cheek tribute. In 2000 Archer became a director for Futurama; after that series ended, he directed a 7 minute pilot cartoon for the Cartoon Network, "Fungus Among Us"; it was not picked up as a series but reruns on CN on occasion. He then directed two more episodes of King of the Hill, and returned to his old position as supervising director after Klay Hall's departure.
Episodes: Pilot, "I Remember Mono," "Death and Texas," "To Kill a Ladybird," "Queasy Rider," "The Incredible Hank"

Shaun Cashman (seasons 2 - )
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Episodes: "Hank's Dirty Laundry," "Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men," "Hank's Cowboy Movie," "Not In My Back Hoe," "Meet the Propaniacs," "The Exterminator," "The Trouble With Gribbles," "Of Mice and Little Green Men"

Michael Dante DiMartino (seasons 5 & 7)
DiMartino went to work for Film Roman in the mid-'90s; he worked on the first few seasons of King of the Hill as an assistant director. He has directed episodes of Mission Hill, Family Guy, and King of the Hill. DiMartino has written and directed several short animated films including "Kid New Year and Billboard," at the 1997 Microcinefest in Baltimore, and "Atomic Love," which premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival.
Episodes: "The Buck Stops Here," "Boxing Luanne," "Racist Dawg"

Matt Engstrom (season 7 - )
Engstrom has been working on King of the Hill since season 3.
Episodes: "The Witches of East Arlen," "Phish and Wildlife"

Tricia Garcia (season 2 - present)
Garcia is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. Her short film "Endymion & Selene" premiered at the Ann Arbor Film Festival in 1989. In 1990 she joined Klasky-Csupo Animation, working as a storyboard artist on Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and Duckman. She moved to Film Roman to do storyboards for The Simpsons and King of the Hill, and started directing episodes of King of the Hill in season 2. She also directed an episode of Film Roman's Mission Hill.
Episodes: "The Son That Got Away," "Leanne's Saga," "Peggy's Pageant Fever," "Dog Dale Afternoon," "Hillennium," "Nancy's Boys," "When Cotton Comes Marching Home," "Bobby Goes Nuts," "The Father, the Son, and J.C.," "The Bluegrass is Always Greener," "The Miseducation of Bobby Hill"

Klay Hall (season 1 - 3; Supervising Director, seasons 4 - 7)
Hall graduated from CalArts in 1985 and got his first animation job as an in-betweener on Brad Bird's famous animated Amazing Stories episode, Family Dog. After that he animated on such films as An American Tail, Rolling Stones music videos, and many television shows and commercials. He went to work for Film Roman in the mid-'90s as a storyboard artist and assistant director on The Simpsons; he was the director of the nudity-heavy season 9 finale, "Natural Born Kissers." Hall has been directing episodes of King of the Hill since the first season, and since season 4 he has been supervising director of the series. In 2003 he moved to Dreamworks animation.
Episodes: "The Order of the Straight Arrow," "The Company Man," "Arrow Head," "Def Traffic Jam," "Good Hill Hunting," "De-Kahnstructing Henry," "Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall," "Movin' On Up"

Allan Jacobsen (season 4 - present)
Jacobsen has drawn comic books for a number of companies including Marvel Comics; he is currently writing a new "Invaders" series with Chuck Austen. He has also done illustrations for children's books. He has also storyboarded for Walt Disney Television, The Simpsons, and worked in development on Disney's "Team-o Supremo" He was on King of the Hill from the beginning as an assistant director, and has been directing for the show since 1999.
Episodes: "Aisle 8A," "Flush With Power," "Spin the Choice," "Lupe's Revenge," "I'm With Cupid," "Returning Japanese Part 1," "The Fat and the Furious," "The Good Buck," "My Hair Lady"

Adam Kuhlman (seasons 1 - 8)
Kuhlman was an animator on Ralph Bakshi's feature Fire and Ice. In the '80s he worked for Filmation on such shows as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and was an animator on commercials for Colossal Pictures. He has also worked as overseas animation director for Hanna-Barbera and other companies. In 1990/91 he was assistant director of the feature Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. He then moved to Film Roman, directing sequences of FR's Tom and Jerry: The Movie and serving as assistant director on episodes of The Simpsons. He started directing on King of the Hill in season 1 and by my count has directed more KotH episodes than any other director.
Episodes: "Hank's Unmentionable Problem," "How To Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying," "Snow Job," "Life In the Fast Lane," "To Spank With Love," "Love Hurts and So Does Art," "As Old as the Hills," "Little Horrors of Shop," "High Anxiety," "I Don't Want to Wait...," "Yankee Hankee," "Luanne Virgin 2.0," "Sug Night," "Fun With Jane and Jane," "Full Metal Dust Jacket," "I Never Promised You an Organic Garden"

Kyounghee Lim & Boohwan Lim (season 4 - present)
The Lims have worked on King of the Hill since the beginning. They were nominated for an Annie Award for their first episode as co-directors, "Won't You Pimai Neighbor?"
Episodes: "Won't You Pimai Neighbor?," "The Perils of Polling," "The Substitute Spanish Prisoner," "Goodbye Normal Jeans," "A Man Without a Country Club," "Board Games," "Maid in Arlen," "Cheer Factor"

Anthony Lioi (season 4 - present)
Apart from his work for Film Roman on King of the Hill, Lioi directed the short online film Wastes Away.
"Cotton's Plot," "Naked Ambition," "Chasing Bobby," "Unfortunate Son," "Soldier of Misfortune," "Torch Song Hillogy," "Returning Japanese Part 2," "Dances With Dogs," "Be True To Your Fool," "Patch Boomhauer," "Dale Be Not Proud"

Gary McCarver (season 1 - present)
In England, McCarver animated on the series Telebugs and several films including "Father Christmas" and the acclaimed feature When the Wind Blows. In the U.S. he worked on "Rocko's Modern Life," and has directed episodes of Nickelodeon's "CatDog." In addition to directing for King of the Hill since its inception, he has directed for other prime-time animated shows including The Oblongs and Mission Hill.
Episodes: "Square Peg," "King of the Ant Hill," "Jumpin' Crack Bass," "Propane Boom," "Return To La Grunta," "Escape From Party Island," "Old Glory," "Hank's Bad Hair Day," "Hank and the Great Glass Elevator," "Dang Ol' Love," "Night and Deity," "Apres Hank, Le Deluge"

Chris Moeller (seasons 2 - 4)
Moeller went to the University of the Arts and CalArts; his student films included "The Bunny Must Die" (where the Trix Rabbit finally gets his revenge) and "Wisconsin" (featuring Chode, an alien who would later turn up in Moeller's "Tripping the Rift"). After graduating from CalArts, he went to work for Film Roman, where he worked on The Simpsons and directed episodes of The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat. In 1996 he moved to King of the Hill, and began directing episodes in season 2. In 1998, Moeller and Chuck Austen created the short "Tripping the Rift," a computer-animated science-fiction comedy; they premiered it on the Internet, and it became extremely popular, winning several prizes including the Playboy Comix and Animation Contest. Film Roman picked up the short and eventually turned it into a series on the Sci-Fi channel, but without the participation of the creators (who were "deemed expendable" by the company).
Episodes: "Bobby Slam," "Peggy's Headache," "Pregnant Paws," "Three Coaches and a Bobby," "Take Me Out of the Ball Game," "A Beer Can Named Desire"

Jeff Myers (seasons 1 - 5)
Myers joined Klasky-Csupo in the late '80s; he did character layouts and storyboards on The Simpsons, and was one of the animators on the main title sequence. He moved to Film Roman when The Simpsons did, and directed episodes of King of the Hill starting in season 1. He is now the main storyboard consultant on King of the Hill.
Episodes: "Plastic White Female," "Texas City Twister," "Meet the Manger Babies," "Peggy's Turtle Song," "Next of Shin," "Sleight of Hank," "Bills are Made To Be Broken," "Hanky Panky," "'Twas the Nut Before Christmas," "It's Not Easy Being Green"

Dominic Polcino (seasons 3 - )
Apart from his work as a director on King of the Hill, Family Guy and The Simpsons, Polcino also wrote and drew the comic book "Lovesick Fool".
Episodes: "Pretty, Pretty Dresses," "Bill of Sales," "Peggy Makes the Big Leagues," "Now Who's the Dummy?," "Pigmalion," "Joust Like a Woman," "The Son Also Roses," "Reborn to be Wild," "Daletech"

John Rice (season 1 - 3; Supervising Director, seasons 4 - 5)
Rice worked on many episodes of The Simpsons. He was nominated for an Annie Award for his first KotH episode, "Keeping Up With Our Joneses." In season 2 he became the show's art director, and in seasons 4 and 5 he shared the position of supervising director with Klay Hall. He also illustrated the KotH books (such as "The Boy Ain't Right").
Episodes: "Keeping Up With Our Joneses," "Hilloween," "Livin' On Reds, Vitamin C and Propane"

Cyndi Tang-Loveland (season 2 - present)
Cyndi Tang was a storyboard artist and assistant director on The Simpsons; she too has been on King of the Hill since the beginning, turning in many of the most visually imaginative episodes.
Episodes: "Junkie Business," "And They Call It Bobby Love," "A Firefighting We Will Go," "Wings of the Dope," "Rodeo Days," "Peggy's Magic Sex Feet," "What Makes Bobby Run?," "Hank's Back Story," "Father of the Bribe," "My Own Private Rodeo," "Megalo Dale," "New Cowboy on the Block"

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