King of the Hill in Other Languages

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King of the Hill, like other successful animated shows, has been dubbed into other languages and shown around the world, thus obviating the need for a live-action remake with translated scripts. This page will try and provide a bit of information on how King of the Hill translates into other languages and, where known, who supplies the voices in other countries.

One notable thing is that Bobby is often voiced by a male when the show is dubbed into other languages (in the Spanish, Italian and Quebecois versions). In English-language cartoons, a young boy is almost always voiced by a woman, usually but not always named Pamela, but it doesn't seem to be that way in other languages.


The Spanish-language version of King of the Hill is called "Los Reyes De La Colina" (The King of the Hill). Peggy becomes a substitute teacher of English in this version, though most of her attempts at Spanish are simply recast in genuine Spanish, rather than their equivalent in pidgin English. The DVD sets include Spanish-language tracks. The character names and voice cast (many of these actors are familiar faces in Mexican television and theatre; for example, Alejandro Villeli, the Bill, had a role in the musical Regina) are as follows:

Héctor Reyes (Hank Hill): Alejandro Mayen
Peggy Reyes (Peggy Hill): Rebeca Manríquez
Beto Reyes (Bobby Hill): Enzo Fortuny
Lola (Luanne): Rosy Aguirre
Carlos Reyes (Cotton Hill): Esteban Siller
Blas Davalos (Bill Dauterive): Alejandro Villeli
Benavides Buenavista (Boomhauer): Alejandro Illescas
Diego López (Dale Gribble): Armando Coria
Buck: César Arias


King of the Hill debuted on German TV in 1999. I haven't been able to find the voice cast for the German version, but here is an episode guide for the German-language version, which gives the German titles and descriptions for all the episodes from the first four seasons. Guaranteed fun with the help of a German-language dictionary and, but here are a few examples of how the titles are translated into German:

Pilot = "Irgendwo in Texas" (Somewhere in Texas)
Square Peg = "Schamrot" (Red With Shame)
Jumpin' Crack Bass = "Große Fische, kleine Pillen" (Big Fish, Little Pills)
I Remember Mono = "Küß mich!" (Kiss Me!)
Leanne's Saga = "Die Frau mit der Gabel" (The Woman With the Fork)
And They Call It Bobby Love = "Das rote Sofa" (The Red Sofa)
Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men = "Einer zuviel" (One Too Many)
Wings of the Dope = "Nachricht von Buckley" (Message from Buckley)
Bills are Made To Be Broken = "Mach's noch einmal, Bill" (One More Time, Bill)


In Quebecois French, King of the Hill becomes "Henri pis sa Gang" (Henri and his Gang). The names and voice cast are:

Henri Hill (Hank Hill): Bernard Fortin
Paulette (Peggy): Johanne Léveillé
Bobby Hill: Hugolin Chevrette
Dan (Dale): Benoit Rousseau
Papineau (Boomhauer): Louis-Georges Girard
Boule (Bill): Benoit Marleau
Johanne Pincheau (Luanne Platter): Aline Pinsonneault
Kahn: Gilbert Lachance


King of the Hill only just started on Italian TV (on the Fox-owned SKY channel -- no word on whether it carries lurid reality shows about the cliques at La Scala); it is translated into Italian by Leonardo Piferi, Susanna Piferi, Paola Giannetti, Daniela Altomonte, Antonella Giannini, and Marina D'Aversa. The voice cast is:

Boomhauer: MINO CAPRIO

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