"The only woman I'm pimping is Sweet Lady Propane."

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Ho Yeah!"

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Quotes from "Ho Yeah!"
Written by Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck

PEGGY: Personally, I like the "La Crepes Suzettes."
TAMMI: Get out! You talk French?
PEGGY: Oui, oui.

TAMMI: My mama and I haven't talked since I dropped out of school. Or maybe it was since I totalled her 'Vette.
PEGGY: Your mother drove a Corvette?
TAMMI: Chevette.

PEGGY: The Thai food was Tammi's idea. The notion of taking it out was mine.
LUANNE: You know, someday I would like to travel through Thairabia and see those pyramids.

PEGGY: If Helen Keller can graduate from college, you can certainly get your GED.

BOBBY: This calls for a celebration. I'm staying up till eleven!

DALE: That Tammi's quite a dish. Frankly, though, I think Nancy has a nicer can. Hank, do you think Nancy has a nicer can than Tammi's can? Huh? My wife's can vis-a-vis your wife's friend's can?

PEGGY: She is gonna make someone a great wife, but it'll have to be someone who can hold her interest. Her dates never last more than an hour.

TAMMI: "Congo, by Michael Critch-ton." This is the kind of book that people read on planes!

COTTON: I hope you cleaned the bed-liner in your truck. I don't want no dirt on Hitler's canoe!

TAMMI: I think I would remember you.
COTTON: Don't be too sure, sweet-cheeks -- I've been known to give a girl amneesee.

DALE: All right, if no one's gonna say it to you, Hank, I'll say it: I am jealous of that hat!

ALABASTER: Miss Tammi Duvall works for me. I am her manager.
HANK: Well, now she works for me. I'm her manager. Technically assistant manager.

HANK: You get out your hooker-stuff of my house!

TAMMI: Dude, nobody thinks you're a pimp. But if you were a pimp, you'd be the coolest, nicest, most awesome pimp there ever was.

PEGGY: Hank, what are you doing?
HANK: Getting him right where I want him.
(Hank waits for the light to turn yellow, then speeds ahead.)
(Alabaster's car is right behind them.)
HANK: What! He ran a red! You can't do that!

TAMMI: Hank, don't! Alabaster's a little guy, but he'll mess you up.
HANK: No offense, but he's from Oklahoma.

HANK: I am the mack daddy of Heimlich County. I play it straight up, yo. You get the hell out of my hood. She's my ho now!
ALABASTER: All right, man, you can have her. I got a whole stable full of hos workin' for me in the OK-C.

ALABASTER: Yo, how much you want for that Jasper brunette?
HANK: That is my wife!
ALABASTER: Man, that's the biggest mistake a pimp could make, marryin' one of his hos.

HANK: The only woman I'm pimping from now on is Sweet Lady Propane. And I'm tricking her out all over this town.

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