"I am different, I am proud of it, get used to it, whoo!"

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Husky Bobby"

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Quotes from "Husky Bobby"
Written by Jonathan Collier
Directed by Martin Archer

SALESMAN: H. Dumpty's is a store with special sizes for special kids.
HANK: Are you talking about a fat kid's store?
SALESMAN: Oh, well, that word won't win you any friends at H. Dumpty's.

HANK: It's a different kind of clothing store.
BOBBY: How is it different?
PEGGY: Well, every snowflake is different in its own special, god-given way. Right, Hank?
HANK: Oh, sure. Some are a lot bigger than others.
PEGGY: But that does not make them any less beautiful.
BOBBY: Are you taking me to the vet?

PEGGY: You should be proud. You should be proud of who you are. Yes, proud! Because you are different. And being different is the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world.

BOBBY: All this time I thought I was an "extra extra large," but that's why my clothes never fit right. Turns out I'm a "medium!"

LUANNE: Models are some of the happiest people on earth.
BOBBY: I like being happy.
LUANNE: Do you have someone to do your hair?
BOBBY: I don't even have a ride.
LUANNE: I can drive you. I'll be your driver/stylist. I'm working toward getting my license in both.

BOBBY: I got my picture taken, I made forty dollars, and they let me keep the underwear. I'm still wearing it, Dad!

HANK: Why are you encouraging Bobby? I'm trying to contain an outbreak, and you're driving the monkey to the airport!
PEGGY: What is the harm in letting Bobby do something that makes him feel good about himself?
HANK: What's the harm? Peggy, kids always victimize the one who's different. Believe me, I know...
YOUNG HANK: Hey, fatty, you are fat! (laughs)
(End flashback)
PEGGY: Well, times have changed, thank goodness. In today's world, we celebrate our differences. Don't you watch TV?
HANK: You know very well I watch TV.
PEGGY: Well, maybe you should watch a little more closely. The daytime talk shows are just full of people who are standing up and saying "I am different! I am proud of it! Get used to it! Whoo!"
HANK: I'm not saying Bobby shouldn't be proud, I'm just saying he should keep it to himself. And if that means one day he winds up on Oprah with nothing to say, then so be it.

AGENT: There's a catalog shoot tomorrow for Caulfield's of Texas. They're launching a new line of clothing called "Gravitas."
BOBBY: I want that account.

HANK: Tell you what, if you play some catch with your old man, I'll buy you that album you want by those guys I hate.

HANK: My God, Peggy, I feel like I've died and gone to New York.

CARLO (shooting a birthday scene): Okay, it's your birthday, yes? You're older now. Where has the time gone, little man? Yes, that's it! And you make a wish for something magical. Don't tell! (football scene) Run! Run! Look at you go! Go to the fifty! Go to the sixty! This is your Olympic dream come true! They try to tackle you, but you won't let them because you look too fantastic! (seaside scene) Hey there, lifeguard, up on your perch so high! All around you they splash and splash, but not you!

LUANNE: My hair is caught in the door.

HANK: Bobby, I know you're probably pretty upset with me right now, but one day you'll understand how much love it takes to crush a little boy's dream.

HANK (finding Luanne and Buckley in bed together): I'm in a crisis situation here. I've got to go find Bobby, you two take turns kicking each other's asses.

DOOLEY: What is this?
RECEPTIONIST: It's a fashion show for plus-sized boys. There's going to be music and a fog machine, and it all goes to benefit the schools. Plus free doughnuts.
DOOLEY: We'll do it for the schools.

ANDY MAYNARD: Hey, you want to get into trouble?
ANDY MAYNARD: Then get me a brownie.

BOBBY: Why are you always trying to turn me into you? Why can't you accept me for who I am?
HANK: Yeah, yeah, we both saw that after-school special, but I'm not an alcoholic and you're not an ice skater.

BOBBY: Wow, Dad, how did you know this was going to happen?
HANK: Well, I just know something about human nature, son. If you put teenagers and husky boys and doughnuts all in the same place, you're just asking for trouble.
BOBBY: I feel good right now. I feel like this guy will get me out of anything.

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