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This is a website for information about the animated situation comedy King of the Hill, created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. It airs on the Fox network. It also airs on cable on the FX network.

King of the Hill will be returning with new episodes on March 19, 2006. It airs on Sundays at 7:30 p.m.

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Fox Schedule (Sundays at 7:30 p.m.):
March 19: "Business is Picking Up" - Bobby decides to follow in the footsteps, so to speak, of a professional pooper-scooper (Johnny Knoxville).

- "King of the Hill": The Complete Sixth Season will be released on DVD on May 2.


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My King of the Hill Pages

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Just what it sounds like.

THE QUOTES PAGE - The best and most memorable quotes from King of the Hill episodes. The place to look if you need something for your sig. file, or just to jog your memory of your favorite lines.

CUT SCENES AND ALTERNATE ENDINGS - Stuff that didn't make it into the finished episodes.

THE "KING OF THE HILL" WRITERS PAGE - Mini-biographies of the staff writers, past and present, of King of the Hill. Because the cartoon characters don't just make up all this stuff as they go along.

THE "KING OF THE HILL" ACTORS PAGE - Mini-biographies of the voice actors.

THE DIRECTORS PAGE - Mini-biographies and credits for the staff directors.

BEHIND THE SCENES OF "KING OF THE HILL" - This gathers together all the behind-the-scenes info I can find on King of the Hill. Mostly it consists of quotes from the cast and crew, giving their insights into the show and the characters.

THE AWARDS PAGE. Because how could the show be any good unless we knew it had won some awards?

THE VOICE LIST - A list of who voices which minor character in individual episodes (find out who played "Mexican Teen" and, of course, "Pedicurist").

LAND OF THE RECURRING CHARACTERS - A list of episodes in which certain favorite supporting characters appear.

KING OF THE HILL IN OTHER LANGUAGES - An incomplete guide to King of the Hill in other countries and languages.

THE ARTICLES PAGE - Articles on and reviews of King of the Hill.

KING OF THE HILL MESSAGE BOARD - For discussion of King of the Hill and King of the Hill accessories.



THE OFFICIAL "KING OF THE HILL" WEBSITE - Includes pictures, a message board, and in-depth episode summaries.

Internet Movie Database listing for King of the Hill.

Strickland Propane, another King of the Hill fan site.

HANK HILL'S PROPANE PAGE - This is where the KotH writers get a lot of their propane info.

THE OFFICIAL SITE OF ARLEN, TEXAS - Brought to you by Mayor Rusty Shackelford.

The May 2003 issue of "Written By," the official publication of the Writers' Guild of America, includes a good new article on the King of the Hill writing staff. Unfortunately it's not available on the web, but you can order the magazine from the WGA's website (yes, you can get just the one issue, though that's not initially clear from the way the page is worded).

A sample of a King of the Hill storyboard: Part of a scene from "Luanne Virgin 2.0".
- From the same site, character layout sketches from three different episodes: "To Spank With Love," "I Don't Want to Wait..." and "Luanne Virgin 2.0." Click here to see them.
Thanks to the artist for allowing me to link to his site.

Links to old in-character chats: A 2000 TV Guide Online Chat With Bobby Hill, and Stuff Magazine's 2001 Interview With Luanne Platter. I'm not sure which writer role-plays the characters in these chats.

Here's the inspiration for the online racial bias test that Hank took in the "Racist Dawg" episode, from a site called (inevitably)

King of the Hill was created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels; copyright 1997 by Twentieth Century Fox. This site contains no screen captures, sound files, fan art, or anything else that the Fox lawyers (tm) should be concerned with.

I am not connected or affiliated with the show or Twentieth Century Fox.