"I must refuse your advances for the second time."

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Flirting with the Master"

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Quotes from "Flirting With the Master"
Written by Norm Hiscock
Directed by Anthony Lioi

NANCY: I'll bet he's even swarthier in person.

EDUARDO: I have a rule about personal appearances. I do them only for my charity work with the sick children, or for paid vacations on the cruise ships.

BOBBY: Mom, can I come meet him?
PEGGY: You bet you can, but you have to pretend to be a sick child. (Hank glares) What? The man only does personal appearances for sick children. So what?
HANK: Peggy, the boy ain't right, but he's not sick.
BOBBY: Can I be in a bubble?

EDUARDO: If the moment is truthful, then stabbing to death el jefe with an icicle will come almost without conscious effort.

EDUARDO: I forget that we have many young viewers. We should probably do more episodes like the one about the monkey who smuggled the cocaine under his little hat.

TEENAGER: Say Vaya con Dios! Hey! Vaya con Dios, you pant-load!

HANK: There's a propane convention in Alberta?

LUANNE: I will do such a good job being you that you will not even know that you're gone.

HANK (as Peggy tries to kiss him): Peggy, not in the airport.

LUANNE: I got the recipe from Redbook. Which is actually a magazine.

NANCY: Did you flirt back?
PEGGY: I do not know.
NANCY: Did you blush and giggle a lot when he talked?
PEGGY: I may have blushed and giggled once or twice.
NANCY: Congratulations, sug, you were flirting! But I got to warn you, don't enjoy it too much. Because there's this moment when there is no turning back. All of a sudden you can't remember your husband's name. Your body goes limp. And then you are pulled down by the undertow of passion. You're drowning, sug, but you don't care!
PEGGY: I will never drown, because I am wearing the best life preserver there is. My marriage to Hank.

(Peggy's fantasy)
EDUARDO: I want you, Margherita. I want you as I have wanted no other woman.
PEGGY: And I am afraid you cannot have me, Eduardo, for I have given my heart to another: Hank Hill.
EDUARDO: Oh, I hate this Hank Hill for stealing your heart. Please, I must have you now, or I will throw myself off this cliff.
PEGGY: I must refuse your advances for the second time.

LUANNE: Uncle Hank, V-8 juice has eight vitamins. Beer has one: barley.

EDUARDO: You are the ambassador's beautiful daughter, who speaks no Spanish. We hide in the drug lord's greenhouse. It is very hot and also very dangerous. You must stand close.
PEGGY: Oh! Well, this is how people would stand in a hot, dangerous greenhouse.

HANK: Luanne, stop trying to be your Aunt Peggy. You're no Peggy. You're fired.
LUANNE: Well, I'm glad you're firing me, 'cause being Aunt Peggy is the most thankless job I've ever had! No wonder she ran away to Mexico!

PEGGY: He wants to kiss me much!

PEGGY: Senora Filipe, I just want you to know that nothing happened between us. Even though I was flattered by your husband's advances, I am a happily married woman. (to Eduardo) I am so sorry, but I am afraid I will not be able to satisfy your lust for me.

EDUARDO: I do not desire you in that way. You are -- how you say? -- old.

EDUARDO: Vaya con Dios. I meant that as myself, not, you know, the character.

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