"The other woman is my son!"

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Goodbye Normal Jeans"

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Quotes from "Goodbye Normal Jeans"
Written by Kit Boss
Directed by Kyounghee Lim & Boohwan Lim

(Hank finds Bobby holding a cheerleader's uniform)
HANK: There better be a naked cheerleader under your bed.

PEGGY: Home Ec is not going to turn Bobby into a sissy. In prison movies, the toughest characters always work in the kitchen.

PEGGY: There's no rule that says only women can do housework and only men can have careers. I can do both. I am what the magazines call a superwoman!
BOBBY: I like Superwoman.
PEGGY: Oh, thank you.

PEGGY: Yes, Bobby, I can handle the heat, so get out of my kitchen. Because with pork, the slightest mistake could kill us all.

HANK: Why is the table covered with yard waste?
PEGGY: Hank, it is not yard waste. Or it will not be when I am through with it. It will be our stunning new Thanksgiving centerpiece, made entirely of yard waste!
HANK: Don't touch it, Bobby. Those nests could be full of fleas and ticks.
PEGGY: Not if you take the birds out. (beat) They'll build another nest. (beat) They're not just gonna let their eggs sit there on the sidewalk!

PEGGY: Imagine if the man you love found some other woman to cook for him, and clean for him, and make his pants.
ERNST: Who is this other woman?
PEGGY: The other woman is my son! And he may be getting an "A" in Home Ec, but at what cost, huh? At what cost to me?

HANK: Hey, Peggy.
PEGGY: Well, maybe for you it is!... Oh. I was expecting you to say "good morning."

PEGGY: Look what I found in Bobby's bedroom. It's a ladies' magazine. And that is not my opinion; it says so right in the title. You were right about Home Ec, Hank, it's ruining Bobby. Every perfume ad has been scratched and sniffed, and his horoscope says that this is a good week to meet the man of his dreams. If you ask me, Hank, that boy ain't right.

PEGGY: I breast-fed my Bobby. Big mistake.

HANK: Bobby, I need you to do two things I pray you'll never have to do again: tape the Cowboys game and get me an apron.

HANK: I didn't marry you because I need someone to cook and clean for me. I married you because... you know... you know... the love.
PEGGY: Oh, Hank.

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