"I ate hippie gumbo!"

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Phish and Wildlife"

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Quotes from "Phish and Wildlife"
Written by Greg Cohen
Directed by Matt Engstrom

PEGGY: You'll be fine. I've gotten rid of that hatrack you said looked like the devil.

BOOMHAUER: Yeah, man, like ol' Ted Nugent said, you can't grill it unless you kill it, talkin' 'bout whoosh, man.
BILL: I use my survival training every day. Being alone in the woods prepared me for being alone everywhere else.

HANK: To catch a fish, you've got to think like a fish.
BOBBY: Hm. "I'm wet and I don't even know it."

(Peggy teaches a mynah bird to talk)
PEGGY: Okay, bird: "Awk! I love Dora Shelwyn!" Who's a good bird? "I love Dora Shelwyn! Awk!" Come on, bird, I've got all day.

HANK: I'm trying to teach my son self-reliance.
FRISBEE HIPPIE: No, I'm trying to teach him self-reliance.
HANK: What??
FRISBEE HIPPIE: Yeah. The thing about self-reliance is, it's like, bad.

BOOMHAUER: Man, I thought ol' Reagan got rid of all of 'em in the '80s, man... talkin' 'bout ol' yippie-to-yuppie, man.

APPLE-SEED: It's the Gathering, bro! Everyone's here: crunchies, hippies, earth-mothers, vegans and hyper-vegans.

HANK: Don't tell me that's covered by the First Amendment.
RANGER BRADLEY: Public defacation is protected as long as they say it's a political or artistic statement. And they do.

HANK: Dangit, if I have to pull one more hook out of Bill....

FUDGIE: Everything's free, little bro. This ain't the Ronald McMoney scene.

HANK: You can't leave! What kind of lesson is that for the boy?
DALE: A good one. He can learn from our bad example.

TOPAZ: The gumbo is gone-bo.

FUDGIE: Fudgie's hungry now.

BILL: Hey, Hank. My new name is "Energy Turtle."

HIPPIE: All right, negative vibe, negative vibe. The circle will resume after a a round of Jumping Jacks.
HANK: Oh, God, don't ruin Jumping Jacks!

HANK: Aaahh! My sleeping bag! Your nudity!

BOBBY: I ate hippie gumbo!

BOBBY: Maybe it's just like you said: to catch a fish, you have to think like a fish. We just have to think like hippies.
HANK: That is impossible.
BOBBY: Come on, Dad, just try. Okay: I'm a hippie, and I'm naked because I smoked all my clothes.
HANK: Yeah. And I don't like to work.
BOBBY: Right. I like everything handed to me. I'm just like a kid.

RANGER BRADLEY: Did you know that hippies are the number-one source of airborne and waterborne pollution, right in front of Dow Chemical and Mexican trucks?
HANK: Uh... I'm not sure about that, but those hippies have got to go. What if Bobby and I took care of them ourselves?
RANGER BRADLEY: Great! How many firehoses do you need? I've got some pepper spray that could take down a bear.
HANK: Or we could just shut off some of the park services.
RANGER BRADLEY: Well, that doesn't sound quite as interesting, but you're on your own.

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