"I'm complicated."

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "A Rover Runs Through It"

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Quotes from "A Rover Runs Through It"
Written by Dan Sterling
Directed by Tricia Garcia

PEGGY: Do you think you could knock it off with all the personal questions, Hank? All you ever do is grill me about my emotional life, pushing and prodding me to talk about my feelings. It's like living with Barbara freakin' Walters!

HANK: I know it's unpleasant, but have you considered that she might be dying?
PEGGY: No chance. Dying is not her style. That would be a sign of weakness.

PEGGY: So, Mom, at the risk of boasting, I've become quite the little success. I was the Substitute Teacher of the Year three years in a row.
MADDY: Really? What was your subject? How to avoid a life of working with your hands?
PEGGY: No, it was Spanish.

PEGGY: Hank, never let me become my mother. Bobby, from now on, I will coddle you.
BOBBY: All right!

PEGGY: You ruined my childhood!
MADDY: Oh, it's always about you, isn't it?

PEGGY: You're losing the ranch? I don't know what to say.
MADDY: How about "sorry?" It's all your fault. You and people like Henry Winkler.

BLAKE: All you Hollywood folks are moving here. You burn out on city life, come out here to see all this wide open space, and start making fancy pizzas.
HANK: Look, fellas, you have every right to be upset, but for the record, I'm not from Hollywood, I'm from Arlen, Texas.
BLAKE: Arlen, New York, Hollywood...
HANK: Why don't you just rent the pass from Henry Winkler?
BLAKE: We're broke. You Hollywood folks made property taxes skyrocket. You got any more questions, Stevie Spielberg?
HANK: Dammit, I'm not Steven Spielberg!
BLAKE: I respectfully disagree.

HANK: You can't even buy groceries in town anymore. It's all been taken over by gourmet restaurants and day spas.

HANK: Hank Hill. I was just up the road and thought I'd stop by for a friendly visit.
HENRY WINKLER: Hank, I love that! That is so The West. I wish the whole world would stop by for a friendly visit.
HANK: Oh, God.

HENRY WINKLER: Don't you love how peaceful it is here? Back in L.A. my brain gets muddy. The agents, and the lawyers, and the paparazzi, they walk around inside my skull and they get dirt in there. You know what I mean?
HANK: Well, I'm not sure I --
HENRY WINKLER: That's why I fish.
HANK: Hey, I fish too.
HENRY WINKLER: Then you understand. I always say that fishing is like a washing machine for your brain. It's so deliciously Zen.
HANK: Uh... I think I might do a different type of fishing.

HENRY WINKLER: Hank, sure, I could open the cattle trail, and tomorrow there would be steak. But someday, our children will ask us: "Where are the trees?"
HANK: What they'll ask is, "Where's the got-dang steak?"

HANK: Dangit, I am sick and tired of everyone's asinine ideas about me. I'm not a redneck, and I'm not some Hollywood jerk. I'm something else entirely. I'm... I'm complicated.

PEGGY: We are not leaving. Maybe I didn't marry Sven Gramersdorf, but I can still save this ranch.
HANK (sighs, then): Sven Gramersdorf?

PEGGY: What about our neighbors to the East? Don't they have an old cattle trail?
BLAKE: You mean the Fondas?
HANK: What about that old white-haired fella up to the North? Looks like he spent some years working outdoors. Has he got a trail?
RUSTY: Larry David? Good luck.

COP: Ma'am, what are you doing with a herd of cattle on a public thoroughfare?
PEGGY: We're heading to the mountains. We're taking the long route because our cattle trail has been blocked by Henry Winkler.

RUSTY: Hank, you crazy cowboy, what are you doing?
HANK: Well, right about now I'm trying not to die.

PEGGY: Well, what do you think, Mom? Peggy Hill: Educator. Mother. Rancher.

HANK: Hello. Mr. Winkler here would like you to know that it was always his intention to let the Platters' cattle use his trail. Because cattle, like jazz music, feeds the soul of America. And that if all the leaders of the world would just fish together, the planet would live in harmony.
HENRY WINKLER: Thank you, Hank.

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