"You're having dirty dreams about my sweet Nan-Nan?"

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Sug Night"

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Quotes from "Sug Night"
Written by Alex Gregory & Peter Huyck
Directed by Adam Kuhlman

HANK: ...And a notch up from the Wagner Char-King Superiore is the Wagner Char-King Imperiale. Wagner's a fantastic company. They're based out of El Paso, so they've got American ingenuity and Texas craftsmanship built right in.

PEGGY: Here's your egg sandwich, Hank. I cannot legally call it a McMuffin, but you will never know the difference.

PEGGY (describing her dream): I murdered Principal Moss, Hank. But instead of making me the new principal, they appointed me Queen of the school district. I had an emerald crown.

HANK: If I was bored of Peggy, I'd be having dreams in which I was bored of Peggy, not grilling naked with the neighbor's wife.
JOHN REDCORN (chuckles): Minh.
HANK: Uh, no...
JOHN REDCORN: It's Nancy? My Nancy? You're having dirty dreams about my sweet Nan-Nan?
HANK: Say, is that a new suede vest?
JOHN REDCORN: Nancy used to like it when I kept the vest on during sex. Do you want it?
HANK: Oh, God!
JOHN REDCORN: Here, take it! Take it all!
(Hank runs off. John Redcorn breaks down sobbing.)

HANK: Nobody makes cheese like the Americans, I tell you what.

DALE: I know all about your naked dream with my wife! That's right, John Redcorn told me everything. He's a true friend, unlike you.

PEGGY: Hank, I would like to apologize. So I will. Words were exchanged, and I may have gotten the better of you. I am sorry.

HANK: Peggy, believe me, if I could go back in time and stay awake during... relations... I would.
PEGGY: But you can't, because you are bored of me.
HANK: No! I enjoy doing the same old things with you as much as ever. You know how I like the fundamentals.

PEGGY: I am not threatened by you!
NANCY: Oh, sug.
PEGGY: Don't you "sug" me. How dare you try to steal away my husband? Is there no end to your insecurity?

PEGGY: Tell me, how do you and Dale keep the sauce simmering in your marriage? And don't say "communicate," because there are some things Hank just will not do.
NANCY: We were lucky. Dale and I took a fourteen-year intimacy break while I saw John Redcorn for migranes. So now it's back like when we were first dating.
PEGGY: But I can't take a fourteen-year break! They'll have sex robots by then, and Hank won't need me!

BILL: Which of us hasn't had an innocent sex dream about a friend's wife?

HANK: I am not exposing myself in public. That's illegal. The press would have a field day. You know how they're always trying to take propane down a notch.

HANK: Sure, at the 7-11 you need shoes and a shirt, but here in Paradise, hey, let's all get nude.

PEGGY: Hank, why don't we go someplace more private? You certainly can't live out your fantasy with all these naked women around.

PEGGY: You don't want me anymore. You want other women. Younger, equally pretty women.

PEGGY: Wait a minute, are you turned on by the propane?
HANK: You bet I am! Think of all the things it can do: nude grilling, hot tubs, hippie houseboats...
PEGGY: Oh, my God. Those dreams weren't about you and Nancy, they were about you and the grill. You weren't bored of me, Hank, you were bored of propane.
HANK: Of course! I'd fallen into a rut: grills, tanks, grills, tanks. You see, I'd always thought of propane as a dignified lady. But she can also be a dirty girl.
PEGGY: And that means I don't have to be.

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