"You're going to be part of a system!"

The King of the Hill Quotes Page: "Bobby On Track"

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Quotes from "Bobby On Track"
Written by Aron Abrams & Gregory Thompson
Directed by Tricia Garcia

DOOLEY: My potato grew eyes.

PRINCIPAL MOSS: I don't usually try to motivate kids this way, but: if all your friends are doing something, shouldn't you be doing it too?

BOBBY: I'm running a 5K.
HANK: What!? Wait, is "running a 5K" some kind of rap thing?
BOBBY: No, Dad. It's a bunch of kids running to raise money for the school.
HANK: That's great. And when you cross that finish line, I'll be right there with the video camera. Even though it brings out certain instincts in you.

BOBBY: Mr. Boomhauer, how would you like to sponsor me for the Fun Run? You would be sending a positive message to the generation of today. Unless, of course, you want us to start doing drugs.
BOOMHAUER: Got-dang, man, between ol' Girl Scout cookies and the band candy, it never ol' stop, man.
BOBBY: Are you interested, Mr. Dauterive?
BILL: Interested in what, Bobby?
BOBBY: The stuff I just said.
BILL: Tell it to me again. I like when people talk to me.

BOBBY: It's a "Fun Run," Dad. I ran until it stopped being fun. Happened quick.

COACH PALMER: As long as you listen, and are willing to be taught, you'll always have a place in my system.
HANK: You hear that, Bobby? You're going to be part of a system!

JOSEPH: I know how you can get kicked off the team. Take a javelin and throw it into the crowd. I mean, it would do something.

HANK: Yep. Bobby's gonna be wearing sweat pants for the right reasons.

COACH PALMER: It's easy, Hill. Visualize the action, then actualize the vision.

COACH PALMER: You've tasted chocolate, and now you've tasted failure. Which is more bitter?
KID: Um... I like chocolate more than failure, so that means I should eat more chocolate? I don't understand.
COACH PALMER: Understand this. Any time I think anyone is dogging it, it'll be Bobby Hill. Victory is the carrot and Bobby Hill is the stick.

HANK: I wish I could have gone to Bobby's meet today. Why do I always have to be Mr. Strickland's character witness?
PEGGY: Well, I think it's an honor.

PEGGY: Jump long, long jumpers! Get some altitude, pole vaulters! Boy, this sport does not lend itself to good cheers.

BILL (to Peggy): You think Bobby's bad? Imagine if we had a child? (long laugh, then) I'd love him anyway.

BOBBY: Dad, I know what I want to do with my life. I can be a motivator. All I need to do is find a field where I have no potential. Hm. I'd make a terrible dam-builder.
HANK: Why don't you just try to be good at something?
BOBBY: Don't try to motivate a motivator, Dad.

COACH PALMER: Hill, every paradigm can be inverted. Try to imagine another you. Let's call him "Bobby Hill sub-negative 1."

PEGGY: Bobby! Pretend the baton is the remote!

HANK: Well, Bobby, you lost a huge lead, and it took a bunch of guys falling down, but you did it.
BOBBY: I think I'm gonna throw up.
HANK: Go ahead, son -- you've earned it.

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